FREE E-COURSE: How To Instantly Attract More Customers!


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Small Business Training
Ever think…. WHEN WILL MY MARKETING START TO GIVE ME A CONTINUAL FLOW OF CUSTOMERS?   The answer is…. When you get the strongest of FOUNDATIONS in place.   Many businesses invest heavily in Marketing that COSTS money; when there are other simple, highly important and utterly effective places to focus before A...

Where is the VALUE in your business?

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We all need to know where the true “VALUE” is in our business in the eyes of your customer (important distinction). If we cannot answer this for our business, then how is a customer supposed to know? Birch box is a great example… one of my absolute favourite purchases! It’s a beauty box that arrives every month [...

The Rollercoaster – £1 in for 10p out?

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Have you ever played on those 2p slot machines? I have fond memories of being a child and playing on them. Ohhhh, the jeopardy and excitement… Making sure that you forcefully push that coin into the machine at the right time; so that it lands on the upper platform in isolation… to be able to […]