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This WhatsApp Story will Explain it all….

Posted 16 Oct, 2018 No comments
On Thursday morning, as I was about to leave the house, I thought I had better quickly pop the dishwasher on. I’m not going to explain the detail of what happened next, because if you read the WhatsApp Conversation between myself and my cleaner, Amanda, all will become clear (although a bit embarrassing)! She’s t...

Thumb Recognition Mishap…. plus All Star News!

Posted 09 Oct, 2018 No comments
A few weeks ago, Mr V was away, and I had a VERY early morning visitor…. one of my sons coming in to wake me up at around 5.30am. He was sent back to bed, and was back in again at 6am. At this point, he said, “mummy, can I play on your phone”. Great solution, […]

The Importance of Customer Reviews – How To Google Reviews

Posted 07 Oct, 2018 No comments
Online reviews from customers about your business are extremely important and should feature significantly when it comes to your marketing strategy. Positive reviews help to build relationships with new customers, giving them confidence in your brand, products and services. Today they play an enormous role in the custo...

A HUGE leap forward, thanks to THIS book….

Posted 02 Oct, 2018 No comments
I don’t know about you, but sometimes an idea plants itself firmly in your head, and once it is there, it’s simply impossible to ignore. And for me they are often brought on from reading…. Here’s the book I’ve been reading just recently. And the author says that to be “badass a money making” you’ve got [...

WOW… There Are Some Incredible People In This World!

Posted 18 Sep, 2018 No comments
On 13th September 2018, 100 individuals came together to celebrate the successes of the Hampshire Small Business community, and in particular the 31 finalists from our first ever awards ceremony. We were also proud to be giving all proceeds to our chosen charity, Breast Cancer Haven. I am going to tell you who they win...

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