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An Easy Yet Costly Mistake to Make for Small Business Owners.

Posted 16 Jul, 2020 No comments
If you’ve ever managed to get your press release printed in a newspaper or magazine and shared that on social media, by email or any other channel, then you could be in danger of copyright infringement. This article explores what copyright infringement actually is and tells you how to avoid putting you and your s...

The Other Side Of the Madness

Posted 30 Mar, 2020 No comments
There’s a lot to feel frustrated, scared, apprehensive and worried about right now. We are on lock down with a very nasty virus around us. Many are worried for their livelihood, the health of themselves and their loved ones, and whether they can sustain their household and family life due to financial uncertainty.In th...

Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages

Posted 22 Mar, 2020 No comments
This morning, I was driving down my road, and saw a company’s van with the name “A1” on it. It made me think back to the days of the Yellow Pages. Many business owners named their businesses with names like: *Aardvark*A to Z*AA plumbing, *decorating, *recruitment… This was in a bid to make it to […]

Having The Right Tools For The Job

Posted 13 Mar, 2020 No comments
Yesterday, we had our monthly Business Growth day, where we bring together all of our clients for a day of marketing training, business coaching, planning, scheming and masterminding. They’re always very rewarding for all concerned, but yesterday, the Corona Virus was part of many conversations, including a group...