Marketing Campaign Ideas For Black Friday

If you’re planning on getting an offer out this season, then this article offers you Marketing Campaign ideas for Black Friday (or indeed Cyber Monday).

First thing to note, you really should take the time to plan this as much in advance as possible. If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.

Whilst many businesses don’t want to be one in a sea of offers…
It can’t be denied that there’s a lot of extra online traffic out there during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And it’s a reason to talk to customers.

PLUS: It’s not always about discounting – there are many other ways to do it (as you’ll see below).

So here’s a list of marketing campaign ideas for Black Friday for you, that hopefully will get the cogs whirring, so you can come up with something that suits your business.

It’s not just for B2C businesses, it’s B2B too…..


1. Vouchers/Gift Cards

According to research, vouchers are one of the ‘sell out’ items during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, behind clothing and toys.

This works for all types of business too – both product and service.


  • Gift Voucher for certain services or products at discounted rates.
  • Monetary Voucher to be redeemed against products or services (e.g. £70 voucher for the price of £60).
  • Added value voucher: something additional on top of a purchase (it doesn’t always have to be discounting). And on that note…..

2. Beyond Discounts

What can you package together that has high value, that is only available for BFCM?

Packaged deals work a treat. We’re partial to a packaged deal here at All Star Marketing Club, and have had a lot of success from it.

Typically, we may bundle up a training course, together with some templates and resources, plus a small amount of one-to-one time as a incredibly valuable offer.

This works whether you are a service or a product company, and as another example, a B2C Services Company could package together a number of different services for a package price, that holds additional value as it’s a ‘not to be repeated’ – e.g. a Specialist Skincare company could package ‘the Ultimate Youth Package’, offering a chemical peel, anti wrinkle injections and a facial, for example (I have no idea whether those things actually go well together, but you get the idea!)

3. Daily Deals

Is there a week long of specials you can offer on the lead up, to entice multiple purchases, using a range of the ideas here? You can also use this for any seasonal campaign, especially Christmas.

4. Extras

Can you give something additional with every purchase?

  • Free gift
  • Voucher
  • One-to-One Consultation
  • Seat at an event
  • Entry into a competition to win something marvellous!

5. Charity Donations

Every purchase gives x% to your chosen charity. This is a great way of supporting your charity, as well as a ‘feel good’ for your customers.

6. Upgrade Offers

Can you provide repeat customers with an upgrade option for a reduced price for a Marketing Campaign for Black Friday? This would work well with retained clients or customers, where you can give them a level up for a keen price.

7. Free shipping

For orders over a certain value (entice the filling of the basket).

8. Mystery Offer

Send out scratch cards as Direct Mail as your Marketing Campaign for Black Friday (you can get them on sites like Etsy (here’s an example) and Amazon, and if a high print run, then some bigger print companies).

9. Conditional Discounts

Percentage discounts based on quantities, or extra product or services given over a certain quantity.

10. Introductory Offer

If your client books an introductory meeting to find out about our services, they get an amount of money towards any services they decide to take up.

There’s just a few ideas for Black Friday.

Can you use these to start the process of thinking of your own?

REMEMBER – these are key for your marketing campaign ideas for Black Friday.

  • Scarcity and urgency are key
  • You do not have to discount
  • Careful not to erode your margins – think about your pricing and profit, especially if your pricing is already too low.
  • Get your offer VISIBLE – think of all the places you can put it
  • Segment your offers, e.g. for customers, non-customers, warm leads and so forth. A one-size fits all might not be the way to go.
  • Use email marketing – and if you do not have a database to do this, then we need to talk. This is crucial to your marketing success.

Find out about our free resources and support here.

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