Membership Momentum

Design, launch and grow and profit rich online course or membership programme with your expertise at the heart and stop selling your time for money.

Stop selling your time for money and create an infinitely scalable online business.

If you are a Coach, Consultant or an Expert at what you do and you want to stop selling your time for money and grow an infinitely scalable and profitable business, which benefits from a consistent and predictable income, then Membership Momentum is for you.

Membership Momentum is a one-of-a-kind online training and coaching programme, which will help you to develop the seedling of an online business idea, then launch and scale it as a lucrative online course or membership programme with your expertise at the heart.

Membership Momentum will help you to…

Get Clear & Create
Take your seedling of an idea to a fully viable, structured and lucrative online course or membership proposition.

Build an Audience
Build an audience that wants and needs your online offering, and is ready to buy when you launch.

Get Launch Ready
Get your online programme created and everything in place that you need to hit the ground running and make your launch a huge success (including the tech).

Get Marketing
Get your online programme out there and welcome your very first group of highly excited paying members.

Get Scaling
Harness the results of your first membership launch and get even more members, and more money in the bank.

Get Loyalty
Keep your members happy and learn how to ensure they become long-standing and loyal advocates.

Who is Membership Momentum for?

Consultants, coaches, experts and entrepreneurs who…

Want to stop selling their time for money and make more of it.

Want a passive and/or continuity of income that is predictable and scalable.

Want to expand their reach and serve more people.

What you get when you join Membership Momentum…


Monthly Online Training

Each month for six months you will receive access to a new module with easy to follow videos, giving you every teaching you need to create, launch and scale your membership. It completely guides you and helps you to walk clearly and confidently through the journey, so you keep making progress and have a successful launch.


Monthly Group Online Coaching and Q&A

Get two LIVE online coaching sessions, in a group setting, where you come together with the experts at All Star Marketing Club and your fellow Members. You’ll be given expert guidance, advice and critiques in response to your specific questions. 


Access to the All Star Online Vault

All course material is stored conveniently within our extremely user-friendly online vault. We’ve made it so that all training videos, workbooks, guides and bonus material can be accessed in one place, so everything easily accessible when you need it and at a time that is convenient to you.


Members Only Facebook Group

Get access to our private Facebook group, reserved for only those business owners on this programme, so you can lean on the community for support, encouragement, advice, share ideas and gather feedback, anytime you like.


3 x Golden Tickets

Sometimes you might need a little extra personalised support, so you when you do, raise a golden ticket and we will give you what you need. Whether it’s something specific we can pull from our archives, or we need to hop on a quick call and have a discussion, just raise a ticket and we’ll give you an extra and personal helping hand.

So, are you ready to design, launch and grow a fantastic online programme, which will allow you to serve more customers than ever, with less effort and more profit?

Start your journey to more leads and more customers today.

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