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Re-makes that make you think differently….

Posted 29 May, 2018 No comments
When you’ve heard a song a thousand times before and feel NOTHING, and then you hear a re-make and it totally blows you away…. Just by changing up the way it is sung; the tempo; or the music, it can take on a WHOLE new meaning, and actually grab your attention like never before. Here […]

There Is No Mistaking The AA Van

Posted 22 May, 2018 No comments
Mr V works for the AA. He’s not an AA man… he doesn’t know a thing about cars really! But he was in attendance at their conference, where a huge amount of the roadside staff came together. So the Madejski Stadium in Reading was full of hundreds of bright yellow vans… as you can see […]

A Little Progress Every Day Adds Up to BIG Results

Posted 24 Apr, 2018 No comments
“A Little Progress Every Day Adds Up to BIG Results”. As I sat at my desk this morning, I was pondering the meaningful actions I’ve taken this week…. And the reality is, there wasn’t a Silver Bullet, but there has certainly been lots of progress that will all contribute to the results in t...