LinkedIn for Small Businesses – Key Changes

Two LinkedIn for Small Businesses – key changes to chat about in February 2024:
1. Removal of Creator Mode
2. Enhancing networking and interaction

In this article we look at both, and what it means to SME Businesses.


After its launch in 2021, LinkedIn has announced that it is removing creator mode, along with the discontinuation of hashtags as a key element of that.

Whilst many of the tools will still be available as an option for users, the toggling on and off of creator mode, and its features will be no more, and is quite the shift in LinkedIn for Small Businesses. Here’s a summary of the key changes:

  • Removal of Creator Mode Option: Starting this month, LinkedIn is phasing out the Creator Mode option from user settings. This means users will no longer have the ability to activate or switch off Creator Mode.
  • Profile Changes: Profile hashtags, used to highlight topics creators share content about, will be removed. Instead, LinkedIn is focusing on utilising topics and keywords within posts, to highlight relevant conversations. Additionally, the “About” section will be moved back to the top of profiles.
  • Enhanced Creation Tools: LinkedIn plans to provide all members with access to additional creation tools and deeper analytics in the coming months. This move aims to empower users, including small business owners, to create and share content more effectively.
  • Streamlined Profile Experience: With the removal of Creator Mode, LinkedIn will streamline the profile experience by eliminating hashtags and emphasising relevant content through its advanced matching system.


  1. Review your LinkedIn profile to ensure it aligns with the platform’s updated format, including the removal of hashtags.
  2. Take advantage of the enhanced creation tools and analytics that LinkedIn will provide in the coming months to optimise your content strategy.
  3. Stay informed about further updates from LinkedIn to adapt your LinkedIn marketing approach accordingly.


LinkedIn is rolling out an update to enhance interaction and networking opportunities on its platform, that may be a good move in LinkedIn for Small Businesses. Here’s what you need to know and how you can make the most of these new features:

  1. Catch Up Tab: Located in the revamped “My Network” section, the Catch Up tab aims to boost interactions among connections. This feature spotlights updates such as new job positions, work anniversaries, or hiring notices from your connections. It simplifies the process of engaging with these updates, allowing you to easily like them or initiate conversations through prompted responses, such as congratulating a connection on a career milestone.
  2. Grow Tab: To streamline your networking experience, LinkedIn is introducing the Grow tab. This new addition consolidates connection requests, newsletter and event invitations, and recommendations into one organised space. It’s designed to help users expand their professional network and discover new opportunities more efficiently.
  3. AI Messaging Starters: For premium users, LinkedIn has announced an AI-driven messaging tool to help with crafting initial messages to people you’re not yet connected with. Leveraging profile information, this feature generates tailored prompts to help you introduce yourself or seek career advice effectively. Before sending, you will have the flexibility to personalise the message further.

Actions to Take:

  • Explore the Catch Up Tab when it comes your way: Visit the My Network section to use the Catch Up tab. Engage with your connections’ milestones and updates to stay involved in your professional community.
  • Start Using the Grow Tab: When it’s rolled out, start to manage your connection requests and invitations more efficiently. Use it as a tool to broaden your network and discover new professional paths.

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LinkedIn for Small Businesses - Changes in 2024

Two LinkedIn for Small Businesses – key changes to chat about in February 2024:1. Removal of Creator Mode2. Enhancing networking and interaction In this article we look at both, and what it means to SME...

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