All Star Business Awards 2022

It’s been a couple of years since we hosted our All Star Business Awards, thanks to the pandemic, and whilst we didn’t host a huge glitzy formal event this year, we did take the opportunity to recognise our clients for their amazing achievements.

Below outlines the awards, together with the winners and why we selected them for that award.

Well done to all of these fantastic businesses. We have a wonderful group of small and medium businesses that we work with, that are striving to grow and serve their customers to the highest standards, and these awards show this.


This year, the All Star Business awards were nominated and given by us, to a very deserving community of businesses. Let’s find out the categories and winners…

Business of the Year Award
Compleat Conference

This wonderful business never rests and are always looking for new ways to improve, to grow their business, but also serve their customers.

Their professionalism, creativity, and customer experience has been the catalyst to them winning even more business, and why their client acquisition has rocketed.

The business celebrates a huge milestone this year, and are a force to be reckoned with. A very deserving winner at the All Star Business Awards.

Heart and Soul Award
Hampshire Hypnotherapy and Counselling

For their passion for their business, their kindness and caring towards their clients, and their sheer determination to make their business accessible for everyone through their marketing and also through their offering – whether on an app, or in person. This business wants to be the best, to serve their clients.

Marketing Campaign of The Year

This company are an example of implementing a marketing system that WORKS – so they re-use it again and again and again and get results.

In a short timeframe, this dynamic business has grown a huge pipeline of business, and their email marketing campaign and follow-up sales process has been responsible for a huge chunk of that.

Marketer of the Year Award
Bernie Jones

Given to this person who really has ben grasping the science behind marketing; and now thinks much more strategically about marketing, and considering it from the angles of 1) commercial growth 2) brand growth and 3) category level. 

This person is leveraging all three in the huge programme and has set some exciting targets. Her skillset and capability has rocketed.

ALL STAR Member of the Year
Mike Minnis, 2M Employment Solutions

The STAR of the Year Award goes to someone who shows real commitment to improving their marketing, and it shows in the actions and implementation:


  • Attendance: showing up to all training, and online coaching sessions
  • Using Golden Tickets to get support
  • Getting into good habits and improving marketing processes
  • Committing to their marketing campaigns and new rich media

“Look Out World” Award
WINNER: Scenterbarks

For continuing to bring new ways and ideas with creativity into the business, and push through any barriers with purpose and passion. Their business membership is flourishing Growing their membership, and they are well on their way to the launch of an exciting new service in 2023.

The Next Level Award
WINNER: BBD Architects

Going above and beyond the “lights on” marketing, and implementing experiential strategies that are showing great signs of success. They continue to measure success, and consistently improve in every way, whether adapting their offering, their marketing, or other core strategic levers.

It’s All About You Award
Winchester GP*

For a company that focuses on bringing the very best services, through their marketing and excellent offerings, that truly have their customer at the heart. 

The Results Award
Age Repair

This Award is for a fab business that are dedicated to getting results for their clients.

Everything they do, and the advice they give both in person and through social media is testament to them being experts, and dedicated to the outcomes for their customer base.

Creativity Award
Jonathan Birth Dovetail Framing

This business is built on creativity and their approach to serving customers is just wonderful.

This is a person that doesn’t just process a job and get it done, but takes the time to understand his customers needs, and find out exactly what they need before creating bespoke solutions.

Award Winners Award for Winning So Many Awards
Vix Milani

It’s no wonder we haven’t seen Vix much this year…. She has been gallivanting – last seen in Miami. Why? Because she’s so bloody good at what she does – getting customers and ensuring they get results on their weight loss journey, that she keeps winning trips!

So in recognition of her amazingness, she gets the award that only award winners can win.

Determination Award
John Philpott, JP Courier Services

The definition of determination is the ability to continue trying to do something, even if it is difficult. That really is this person. Despite the tough market, this person continues to invest in marketing to get their name out there, so they can continue to serve their customers.

Implementation Award
Alan Bell, Countermark

This is someone that has really embraced his learnings with us at All Star Marketing Club, and we’ve seen changes in the way they write social media posts, and more recently, thinking about how to change the website in line with what they’ve been working on with us at All Star. Not to mention jumping on a plane to Australia to be in front of the right STAR customer base. Implementation is what it takes to get results.

The Supply Chain Award
Alexis Rendell

Although this person has only been in the Inner Circle for a few months, he is on the case and thinking carefully about how to build his network of partnerships to ensure that his offering reaches far and wide. Looking forward to seeing the implementation of the ideas in 2023.

Queen of Websites Award
Jodie Fox

This person has not only launched one, but two websites this year, and that takes a lot of hard work, and determination, to ensure that something is launched that has all of the elements of an effective website, and able to showcase the brands effectively.

Strategic Minds Award
PACT Property & Assets (Debbie Sams)

This person learns and thinks deeply about the insights and information on marketing they have taken onboard, and ensures that others in the business understand and move in the right direction. This has moved the business on in spades, and every action taken in purposeful and powerful.

We’re Finally on Social Media Award
Simply Safer

After a number of years of All Star Membership, this company have finally got themselves on Social Media and that deserves recognition! It’s been emotional!

Customer Excellence Award
Donna Laine Fine Jewellery

For her wonderful outlook on her business and passion for what she sells. Making clients feel special, which comes in the form of the service, as well as the wonderful events that she hosts.

The Third Mind Award
South Coast Fatigue

A wonderful example of how two individuals working together can create a third mind, which is very powerful, and supports business success. A great relationship exists in this team, and their togetherness will ensure they go far (even further than their AMAZING progress in business already!).

Marketing Laboratory Award
Toby Gilbertson

After a relatively short time in the Inner Circle, it’s clear that it’s changed this person. They can no longer look at a piece of advertising without dissecting it. That’s a true marketer. We look forward to seeing what happens next on their marketing path!

The Step-Up Award
Sophie Taylor, Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

This person hasn’t been in their role for very long, but in that time, is now running the full marketing programme, and supporting every area of the business. There’s a lot of this person’s plate, but she remains positive and professional and is an absolute asset to the business.

The Viral Marketing Award
Helena Dimon, 1st Computer Services

Not only has this person had to embrace social media this year, but they have actually started to enjoy it. A recent example of their handy work has meant the important message of cyber crime went viral!

The Lights On Award
Dave Sherwood

Despite the challenging nature of the market and business priorities, and having to step many other roles, he has still managed to keep the marketing lights on and always plans ahead to make sure it happens.

Dream Team Award
Zest Consultancy (Kristy Davies-Sumpter)

A super example of how this business owner has brought someone else into the team to support the growth of the business, and invested in the learning and implementation of marketing.

Fast-Paced Growth Award

An incredibly mighty business that is proving that their marketing is working, even after a short time. This business has got success written all over it, and ‘m looking forward to seeing how the marketing takes shape in the coming months.

Dynamic Duo Award
Core PA Services

This company are a great example of how dividing and conquering truly works. Each of them has their role to play in the business, and they utilise their skills accordingly for the good of the business.

Congratulations to all winners of the All Star Business Awards 2022!

Fingers crossed we’ll be back in 2023 with our open awards.

All Star Business Awards 2022, showing the winners and their certificates.
The Winners, attending the event at the Cork and Bean in Romsey, Hampshire. What a fantastic revenue, with great food, wine and hosts.

If you would like to find out how to grow your business with All Star Marketing Club, just like our clients do, then find out more here.

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