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Social Media: Playing the Long Game

Posted 11 Feb, 2020 No comments
5 Tips On Upping Your Social Media Game Since training and coaching Business Owners in marketing i’ve come to understand that one of the common concerns when it comes to marketing their business is, how to use social media properly. The one thing I find myself always saying is that, “You’re not alone and don...

Getting Good…. Expertise vs Mediocrity

Posted 07 Feb, 2020 No comments
What is the price we pay of not getting the right support and expertise? Last weekend, we took the children cycling. They are still not proficient, and we are working on it because we’ll all be going to the Big Bike Bash in August, with our big group of camping buddies, and they’ll be so […]

[Friday Thought]

Posted 31 Jan, 2020 No comments
Either you use instructions or you don’t… but what’s the result? **What we can learn from the great art of Lego Building?** Lego.Every time I build it, the instructions are ALWAYS wrong!At least that’s how it feels. There’s always a random block that doesn’t fit quite where the instructions say it should. Not for me [...

Are You Getting Enough Done?

Posted 24 Jan, 2020 No comments
**How to Get More of the RIGHT STUFF Done** Every weekend, I always have a huge mental list of what I want to do. Last weekend, it looked like this: 1. Buy some bits and pieces for my upcoming girlie trip to Amsterdam2. Take the little ones for lunch and a nice walk at Mottisfont3. […]

Get More Done: 8 Trusted Strategies

Posted 22 Jan, 2020 No comments
Don’t manage your circumstances… take control and create a daily working pattern to love. In our Mastermind, our clients wanted to find a path through the time pressures…. here’s what we collectively came up with – some great strategies here. Feeling out of control and drowning under you...

Snooker Loopy

Posted 22 Jan, 2020 No comments
*In this blog you will read how the similarities between Snooker and Business will help you to find your Business Gaps * Every day, I play pool or snooker. At least one game. We brought the table and all of its accessories (balls, cues, chalk, triangles) for the children for Christmas, and when forced to […]