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The power of the illogical over logical thinking.

Posted 06 Mar, 2020 No comments
Why you should look at illogic over logic. I do love to have a box set on the go, that is mine and mine alone, to sit and enjoy when the male people of the house are out playing football and such like. I’ve just finished Amsterdam – which I started watching because I thought […]

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Posted 28 Feb, 2020 No comments
So, last week, I went through some of the core things you can learn on marketing promotions from a beer in a Vegas bar. Today, I want to talk about money. For those of you that have ever been to the States, you will know what keen tippers they are, and the expectation they have […]

What You Can Learn from Having a Beer in Vegas

Posted 21 Feb, 2020 No comments
Last weekend, I was in Las Vegas (I’m still recovering from the sleep deprivation!). Mr V took me across the pond for my birthday trip, given it was the BIG Four-Ohhhhhh! If you’ve ever been to Vegas then you will know that walking from one hotel, to the one next door, seems like it should […]

Social Media: Playing the Long Game

Posted 11 Feb, 2020 No comments
5 Tips On Upping Your Social Media Game Since training and coaching Business Owners in marketing i’ve come to understand that one of the common concerns when it comes to marketing their business is, how to use social media properly. The one thing I find myself always saying is that, “You’re not alone and don...

Getting Good…. Expertise vs Mediocrity

Posted 07 Feb, 2020 No comments
What is the price we pay of not getting the right support and expertise? Last weekend, we took the children cycling. They are still not proficient, and we are working on it because we’ll all be going to the Big Bike Bash in August, with our big group of camping buddies, and they’ll be so […]