How to generate leads in LinkedIn

If you are wondering how to generate leads in LinkedIn, then let’s first understand this: There’s a number of difference personality types in LinkedIn; and we all know people that sit in certain categories, and also the ones we don’t really want to be!

Here’s a few for your reading pleasure:

  • The Soapboxer: Those that divide their audience – there’s those that love their tales or woe or forthrightness, but in equal measure are those that eye roll and scroll on by. Well, I do often say, “It’s OK to be marmite”, and the Soapboxer is certainly that.
  • The Cheerleader: Everything is just awesome… and they comment on everything with enthusiasm and agreement. It’s thanks to these people, the algorithms start to love you.
  • The Selfie-Starter: That one person that starts their morning routine by posting a daily selfie.. same face, same background, same coffee cup BUT different day. Hey, at least they’re consistent.
  • The In-Crowder: You know they are prolific networkers, because their inconsequential posts will still get lots of attention. Well, someone has to get the conversation going I suppose?
  • The Quoter: These beautiful people are out to make you feel good, and give your working day a lift. That said, they often perhaps don’t really know what else to post. You’ll find them quoting Maya Angelou for a little bit of #inspiration #trytobearainbowinsomeonescloud
  • The Sellers: These are the ones that might not comment on your posts, but are straight into your inbox, introducing their business and their latest offer. It’s strictly sales, and unless they can take you from ‘cold to sold’ in a couple of messages, then they’ll be moving on.
  • The Inbetweeners: These are the people that are a little confused. They are in LinkedIn, but for some reason, are using it like it’s Facebook or Instagram, with family pics, last night’s healthy dinner, and their view on the latest celebrity gossip. Buy hey, people buy from people, so sometimes a little bit of the ‘personal’ isn’t a bad thing. Eeeek.
  • The Onlooker: You probably don’t know they are there – because they’re not there much. They know LinkedIn will probably work for them, but they’re not really sure what to post, when, or the other types of LinkedIn activity that will get them leads – and quite frankly, they don’t want to look like a complete prat.

Now, that’s just 8 in about 28 LinkedIn personality types, and I’m sure there’s many more amusing ones that you can think of, and it’s quite fun to match up your connections on LinkedIn with those personalities too!

And now you know this, let’s understand how to generate more leads in LinkedIn.

When it comes to how to generate more leads in LinkedIn, whatever you post MUST have ONE goal; and that’s producing content that is PERFECT and helpful to your ideal customer.

Some examples of the types of post for LinkedIn:

  • What is your customer trying to achieve, and what advice could you give to help them?
  • What perspective could you give that would make your ideal customer think differently?
  • What shifts are occurring in your market that you could shine a light on to support others?
  • What could you post that would allow your ideal customers to get a quick win?
  • What quick tips could you share that would make their life easier?
  • What could you share about your journey that will be part of your ideal customer’s survival kit?

Whatever it is you post, it MUST be relevant to your target audience, so that you become a thought-leader and a voice that they know, like and trust on the platform. That way, when the time comes for them to buy, it will be you that they come to first of all.

You must also know this when it comes to LinkedIn:

Posting attention grabbing, interesting, valuable and useful content, consistently is just the tip of the LinkedIn iceberg.


There’s much more that needs to go on behind the scenes when it comes to growing the right network, developing the right relationships, in the right ways, and generating the right sort of leads.

So if you want to go far in LinkedIn… VERY far… can need learn how to navigate the world of LinkedIn PROPERLY.

Want to find out how?

Join us for the LinkedIn Lead Generation Challenge.

You can find out more and sign up here. 

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