How Can I Generate More Sales?

The answer to this question – ‘How Can I Generate More Sales’ is simple – GET CERTAIN.


  • Certain of who they are buying from
  • Certain of the results they will get
  • Certain about the process they go through to get it
  • Certain about the price they are paying
  • Certain that previous customers were happy
  • Certain that you are a good choice

They need to be certain about choosing you.

So what are you doing to create certainty with your customers, in order that they TRUST their decision to buy from you?

In this article, there’s some important areas for you to consider, and by implementing just one or two, you are going to GREATLY improve your chances of creating more sales.

How Can I Generate More Sales #1:
Explain Who You’re For

When looking at your marketing and sales assets, is it really clear who you help?

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to say, “we help everyone.” But that means you end up appealing to no one at all, and then the lack of certainty creates inaction.

If you really want to create certainty – that you are the right company for someone to buy from, then make sure you allow your ideal customers to see that you help THEM.

Here’s a great example from our very own website, that clearly helps individuals to identify whether they belong with us. You can clearly work out if we’re for you, right?

That creates certainty, and they are much more likely to continue reading and take a step forward.

Another company that does this really well is Xero. When you visit their website, you can clearly see it’s for business owners, accountants and bookkeepers. Makes complete sense, and you know you are in the right place.

So that’s step one. Nail that.

How Can I Generate More Sales #2:
Show Them The Outcomes

People don’t buy products, or services, they buy outcomes.

  • If they buy a marketing company’s services, they are buying leads and sales.
  • If they buy an accountant’s services, they are buying a financially secure future.
  • If they are buying a back massage, they are buying relaxation.

Get the picture?

So what are your customers actually buying from you?

What are the outcomes you provide?

Knowing you can take them to their happy ever after creates more certainty.

How Can I Generate More Sales #3:
Create Testimonials and Case Studies

People follow the crowd. So one of the best ways to show your future customers that you are the right choice for them is to show them how you have helped other people.

Make sure that all of your marketing and sales materials are peppered with important feedback that will help your ideal customers to become more certain about choosing you.

If you don’t do this, then you are losing a powerful way to create certainty and sales.

How Can I Generate More Sales #4:
Allow ‘Try Before You Buy’

Some may think this is impossible for their business, but there are very few businesses that can’t make a ‘try before you buy’ work. 

Essentially, this means creating an experience that shows how you support your customers, and allows them to experience you on a deeper level than they otherwise would. Examples:

  1. A demo
  2. A pre-purchase discussion
  3. An online webinar or training
  4. An introductory video
  5. A show and tell explainer video
  6. A free trial

The opportunities are endless, but essentially, they are able to immerse themselves in a small experience that helps to create more certainty in what they are buying, as they get to know you better.

In fact, if they have been part of an experience of this nature, they are 5 x more likely to buy from you.

How Can I Generate More Sales #5:
Know Your Unique Value

Pricing doesn’t create certainty. 

The value you are able to offer does. 

So where is the value you offer to your customers?

If you always compete on price, then you are just in a war with every other provider. 

Know what you do differently, and explain that with certainty as part of your marketing messages, and you will reap the rewards.

How Can I Generate More Sales #6:
Tell Your Customers What To Do

People don’t take action unless you tell them how to.

How easy and obvious are you making the call to action within your marketing and sales assets?

  • If you want them to call you, tell them.
  • If you want them to fill in a form, tell them.
  • If you want them to read something, tell them.

Don’t be ambiguous – that is not certain.

How Can I Generate More Sales #7:
Explain Your Process

When we do not understand a process, we are less likely to take action, as we are uncertain as to what will happen, whether we will find ourselves in an awkward sales position, and feel vulnerable.

If you can overcome that in your marketing, and make your ideal customers feel certain of the process, then they will take another step towards you.

How much are you already doing this within your marketing and sales efforts?

Consider the likes of Hello Fresh.

They have a clear ‘How it Works’ Section on the home page of their website, so their prospective customers know what they are getting themselves into.

If you take a look at our homepage too, you will clearly see that we do something fairly similar, under the Section, “How to Grow Your Business with All Star.”

If you make your prospective customers think too hard, they will not stay.

So keep it simple, clear, concise and give them everything they need to want to take that one step forward.


Go through each of the 7 steps above. What one or two could you work on right now?

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