Where is the VALUE in your business?

We all need to know where the true “VALUE” is in our business in the eyes of your customer (important distinction). If we cannot answer this for our business, then how is a customer supposed to know?

Birch box is a great example… one of my absolute favourite purchases!

It’s a beauty box that arrives every month with 5 of more beauty products that have apparently been selected for my needs (click here to find out more).

The VALUE in the beauty box is NOT the products.

When I really think about it, it is this:

  • The delivery lady knocks on the door and it is a moment of excitement. I know the Birchbox has arrived.
  • The Birchbox has to wait for a special moment. The twins must be in bed and Mr V out of the way.
  • Only then will I open the packaging… admire the design… and then delve in and look at the treats inside. Eye liners… make-up brushes… perfumes… cleansers.
  • I look at each individually. Read about them, try a few out.

And then guess what? 80% of them get stuffed in a draw, never to see the light of day!

The VALUE is in the “me time” and escapism.

It is the one time in the month that I sit down and feel relaxed, excited and intrigued… and I can get lost for that 20 to 30 minutes, thinking about nothing else.

So my key message is this:

CUSTOMERS BUY ON EMOTION. That is where the TRUE value lies.

It is worth a think about where the value is in your business; it is very unlikely to be in the obvious features of the product or service; but in the way it makes the customer FEEEEEEEL!

So try and describe that in your Marketing perhaps?

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