Thumb Recognition Mishap…. plus All Star News!

A few weeks ago, Mr V was away, and I had a VERY early morning visitor…. one of my sons coming in to wake me up at around 5.30am. He was sent back to bed, and was back in again at 6am.

At this point, he said, “mummy, can I play on your phone”.

Great solution, I thought. I can catch a few more zzzzzzs.

Henry played on my phone and I was happy snoozing at his side… until I felt my hand being lifted, and as I opened my eyes, the little [BLEEEEEEP] had placed my thumb on my iphone, enabling him to purchase a £6.99 per week upgrade to a game!

This was three weeks ago, so my phone bill is going to be much larger this month – and the problem is…. I don’t know how to remove it.

  • I’ve been into the settings
  • I’ve been into my app store
  • I’ve been into itunes
  • I’ve emailed the company with no reply.

I don’t know how to stop paying!

(Any ideas greatly received – although my next call is to speak to my mobile phone provider when I get the chance).

What a TERRIBLE customer experience, and to be STUCK with something I don’t want! (Perhaps there’s a parental learning there too!)

But that got me thinking….

As businesses, we are there to SOLVE problems. That’s how we all make money, in general.

But solving problems has to be at EVERY step of the journey, and that INCLUDES when they wish to leave!

A business should be easy to deal with, and be striving to make continual improvements for the customer, whether joining, using a service or produce, or indeed leaving. Do you agree?

Have a lovely weekend!

Victoria ????

P.S. Check out our exciting news below!



With the ongoing success of our
“Inner Circle Marketing
Coaching Programme” 
in Southampton, Fareham, Portsmouth, Rownhams and Winchester…

We are delighted to announce that we are opening our 6th location in the New Forest, to provide this fantastic service to the growing New Forest business community.

You can find out more about the Inner Circle here.

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