Why Your Small Business Stays Small: The Reality of Small Business Growth Gaps

In this article by Victoria Vickery, we dive into some of the reasons small business growth is limited, and you are perhaps not scaling as you wish to, and it comes with a little *freebie* to help set you free from these hurdles.


If you’ve ever thought, “hmmm, I thought my small business would be further along by now than it actually is”, then it’s likely that you’ve not met your financial or business growth goals in some way.

I’d like to share with you a harsh reality.

There’s one core reason that small businesses stay small, and that’s because they make decisions on where they are now, and not where they want to be.

Hear me out.

All of my years in business, and my experience, points to these facts about business owners:

  • They make the excuse of time for not getting round to marketing their business, which in essence is them deprioritising their businesses growth.
  • They choose not to part with cash for the support that would push them further, whether that’s finances, marketing, sales, HR or other – and see this as a spend, rather than an investment that brings a return.
  • They have an “I don’t need help” mentality, and that they can figure it out for themselves to save money, when calling in on those with greater knowledge and skill would shortcut them to where they want to go.
  • They won’t make sales calls, because they’re worried about rejection and generally feel uncomfortable about it – when actually, this is going to be one of the biggest revenue generators.
  • They don’t stay in their lane and focus, but instead, get pulled in other directions by new shiny opportunities and ideas that take them off course – when staying on their path with a single-minded goal will create more success.
  • They don’t always prioritise and invest in themselves, and their skills, mindset and knowledge – when knowledge is power.
  • Worst of all, they don’t set goals, and plan the path there appropriately.

As I say, all of this is because they are not focused on where they are going – but instead, thinking about where they are right now – and ultimately, that leads to bad choices.

I know this is true because this was me about 8 years ago.

But I can promise you, that when you tackle each of these points and know that by doing so, you’ll have greater control, choice and success, you won’t look back.

So, my question for you is this:

What choices are you making from this list that are holding your Small Business Growth back?

If you can identify with all of these, or even one of them, then you hold the keys to unlocking your business potential.

So, Today, check in on yourself.

Ask yourself :

  1. Do I use TIME as an excuse for not doing my marketing activity?
  2. Do I view parting with money on support as a spend or an investment?
  3. Do you waste time trying to figure everything out for yourself, or do you seek the right support?
  4. Do you have Sales Calls as a staple activity of your week, or are you hiding away from it?
  5. Are you pulled off course by shiny new ideas?
  6. Do you invest in you – your skills, your mindset and your knowledge?
  7. Do you have locked in goals and sales targets for the year, that are well planned, and reviewed every week (at least)?

Consider those points made, and perhaps write down which of those apply to you, and make a plan as to HOW you can overcome those barriers, so that you can start maintaining focus on where you want to get to, and taking the brave options to get there.

This great download will support you in answering these questions and many more, so you can understand the steps you need to take to create the change you require for better results. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW.

Small Business Growth Gaps. Click for more information bout the free download.
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Where your focus goes, is where you’ll have the most success.
So where do you REALLY need to focus?

Victoria Vickery
Founder of All Star Marketing Club

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