The Silk Bow Group | Confirmed Sponsors of The All Star Small Business Awards 2019

Renowned Hampshire Business The Silk Bow Group are the latest to confirm their support for the All Star Small Business Awards 2019

As the All Star Small Business Awards 2019 gains traction, so does the level of support received by the Hampshire Business Community! We are thrilled to welcome The Silk Bow Group as our latest Category Sponsors for the coveted award of ‘Business of the Year’.

Find out more about The Silk Bow Group and read what their Director’s Pam Bates and Jen Todd said on sponsoring the awards this year!

he Team at The Silk Bow Group (Second from left Jen Todd | Second from right Pam Bates)

Tell us a bit about The Silk Bow Group?

The Silk Bow Group incorporate Silk Bow Events, Silk Bow Bookkeeping, Silk Bow Business Basics, Silk Bow Global Yachts & Silk Bow Accounting Consultancy.

SILK BOW EVENTS: We organise high end events both in the UK and Italy, bringing people together to celebrate success and introducing business to business opportunities in a creative and engaging way.

SILK BOW GLOBAL YACHTS: We provide many services to the super/mega & giga-yacht market with various technical aspects along with Superyacht recruitment, accommodation, chartering & events.

SILK BOW BOOKKEEPING: We deliver all aspects of bookkeeping for business in a friendly and open way.

SILK BOW ACCOUNTING CONSULTANCY: This service is very new to The Silk Bow Group and has been designed to help smaller companies that want to grow.

SILK BOW BUSINESS BASICS: This is an opportunity for someone looking to start a business and we help them to decide how they want to trade, helping with business plans along with marketing and PR.  This is a free service and a bit of giving back.

Why have you chosen to be a sponsor of the All Star Small Business Awards 2019? 

We were privileged to attend the first All Star Small Business Awards last year and tapping into the spirit of theses awards, we too are firm believers in celebrating business success. The Silk Bow Group work with many smaller businesses and often refer them to our network of contacts and clients. Supporting a ‘Business Awards’ like this is a great way to help and champion other businesses and business owners, and also an engaging way to meet and get to know other like-minded business professionals.

In your view what makes a small business worthy of the award for “Business of the Year”?

It can be a challenge for businesses to differentiate and stand out from their competition. In our view a business worthy of the title ‘Business of the Year’ should:

  • Have a good business plan
  • Demonstrate a different and effective way of working
  • Look after their staff well
  • Be transparent
  • Have an innovative product or service
  • Possess good business morals
  • Have someone or something that makes them stand out from the crowd
  • Love what they do

What value do you believe small businesses bring to the Hampshire Business Community? 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of any town, city or county.  They provide many great services and products (working passionately), and really care about the way they do business. Personally we love to use and work with local suppliers! In our experience we have found that smaller, independent businesses truly value each and every customer, which in turn enhances their overall level of service and customer experience. It’s just one of the things that set them apart from many larger and more corporate businesses.

We’re are excited to add another fantastic business to our Sponsor Team and we would like to offer our gratitude to The Silk Bow Group for supporting the All Star Small Business Awards and the Hampshire Small Business Community.    

The Silk Bow Group will take an impartial view in co-judging the Influential Business Owner Award entries and will join us on stage in September to announce the category award winner.

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