Is Your Business the BEST KEPT SECRET?

As a business owner, do you ever feel as though your business is going under the radar? Do you feel that you could be helping and serving so many more customers, if only they knew about you?

You’re not alone! So many small business owners are in this boat. You have a fantastic business, you are outstanding at what you do, yet the phone isn’t ringing so you spend your time scrapping around and chasing clients. You are also quite possibly selling yourself short by charging far less than you should be, just to get some work in the door.

Then what happens next? Your confidence takes a pounding and you start second guessing yourself. Your drive and enthusiasm take a drive and self-limiting beliefs start to creep in. You wonder if you’re cut out for this business owner malarkey and if you will ever reach your full potential as an entrepreneur?

I get it. Growing a new business is tough and takes time. So, how do you balance the time with steady, incremental growth

The truth is, to drive awareness of who you are and what your business does, and to make your customers care enough to sit up and pay attention, you need to be in the right places, at the right times, informing, educating and telling them what they want to hear.

Here are 4 of my top considerations for overcoming being the ‘best kept secret’ in your market.

The Number 15

The first thing you need to be aware of is that it takes 7-15 interactions with a brand, before a someone is even willing to consider purchasing from you. That means that you have to:

  1. Be realistic as to how long it takes to nurture a relationship with a prospect before they become a customer. It is extremely unlikely that they will buy from you after one interaction. It takes time for them to get to know you, like you and trust you.
  2. You cannot rely on just one marketing channel to nurture customer relationships. You need to develop a marketing system which moves your customer to the next logical step in your funnel, and this requires multiple touch points across multiple channels such as social media, email marketing, your website etc.

Know Your Customer

Understanding your customer, their pains, needs and desires is crucial. Plus, where do they hang out, what is important to them, what do they spend their money on and so on? If you don’t you won’t be constructing and pushing out marketing messages that truly connect with them, nor will you be placing your marketing in the right channels (where they are) for them to notice you.

Consistency of Value Content is Paramount

Marketing your business isn’t a once and done thing. Plus, the world is a noisy place, so you have to be out there spreading the word about your business all of the time, to even stand a chance of being noticed. This is why publishing great content consistently, that people will find valuable and/or useful should be your top priority.

Mind over Matter

Resilience and positivity are essential for any business owner trying to make a name for themselves and their business. This might be easier said than done, but unless you are showing up as a 10 out of 10 (or as near as damn it) each day, you’ll be on a hiding to nothing and second guessing yourself constantly. From there it’s a slippery slope.

Stay resolute on your purpose and your goals. Practise gratitude and strive to serve your customers without expectation.

Remember, positivity attracts. Desperation repels.

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