In the HOT Seat: Your Questions Answered

So here’s a question we have received, that may well be pertinent to all Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

“I’ve paid a considerable annual fee for some online advertising. Whilst my website appears to be receiving ample traffic; it’s not converting. What could be the problem?”

Here’s a few key checks; and these are still important no matter where you advertise or promote your product or service:

  1. Is the place you have advertised aligned to your STAR customer?
    If, for example, you’ve put a banner on a male dominated website, and you are trying to attract young females, this is problematic. First make sure that where you have placed the ad is aligned to your STAR customer: the ones that are right for your business.
  2. Where is the traffic heading to when they come through to your site?
    If there is a particular product or service you want to promote, then you may want to send them straight there, to a landing page. If they arrive at a generic home page and can’t quickly find what they want, that will cause them to bounce. You may also want to look at your google analytics to have a look at the journey your visitors are taking once they are on the site, and where they exit. It may help you paint a picture of what is happening.
  3. Is the page appealing?
    Have a good look from the customer’s point of view. Is it likely to match their expectations? Consider the images used, the look and feel, the way in which it’s written, the tone of voice. Above all else, does it target their problems, and give solutions. If not, then you may not be resonating with them.
  4. Is there a strong call to action on the page?
    Quite simply, don’t make them think. If they can’t easily make contact with you, then this is a big deterrent. Make the action as obvious as possible in a really prominent place.
  5. Are you capturing their details whilst they’re there with you?
    OK, they might bounce, but don’t lose them all together. Make sure there’s a hook there that they’ll exchange their email address for, such as a brochure, an ebook, a voucher, a whitepaper. Something that they feel is of benefit to them. If you know they’re warm leads from the referrer, then don’t let them get away without enticing them as much as you can.
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