Eggheads v The Chasers?

Not sure if this is normal, but this is reality in our house….. if I give my 6 year old boys access to the TV remote control, I can guarantee that when I walk back into the room, they will have found an episode of Eggheads, Pointless or The Chase.

So a couple of nights ago, when I popped them to bed, I was called back by Henry to ask me, “Mummy, who do you think is cleverer…. Eggheads or The Chasers?”

This was a really important conversation that he just needed to have right then. Right there. It was a big deal to him at that point!

This got me thinking about the weird and wonderful things that people want to know the answers to….. and in particular made me think this…


This is quite a big deal when it comes to Marketing, because our Marketing messages should centre around acknowledging our customers gaps, and show them how we are able to bridge them.

In doing so, we will…

  • Create Marketing content that is soooo much better
  • Build credibility in their eyes
  • Help to lead them to the sale, by showing we have the right support and resources available.


p.s. If you need to re-think your Marketing Messages, and what your customer REALLY need from you, then Kick-Start Your Marketing might be a great workshop for you to attend. £19.99 for non-members, and FREE to All Star members! You can find more details here.

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