Dashed Dreams and Bouncing Back….

We popped to our local for the England semi-final this week. It was really busy…. With all of us that don’t bother to follow football all year round out in force to join the hardcore footie fans!

Claire and Jade were with me too… the All Star Team…. And my lovely dad.

  • He spent most of the game feeding us messages of what was going on in the match
  • We sipped our fizz and nodded along in agreement, like the little Churchill dog.
  • We were all happy with the score at half time, and indulged in the free hot dogs.

But in the end, hopes and dreams were dashed as it all fell apart in the second half, and of course, in extra time.

So here’s the thing…

  • Clearly, the England boys had a dream.
  • They had a vision of how that dream was going to play out.
  • They had their mission.
  • But as the game progressed, England lost their momentum, whilst Croatia picked up the pace.
  • You could argue that England’s tried and tested sequences and sharpness fell apart.

The defeat was confirmed by my mum, who was at home babysitting my children, with a text that simply read:

“It’s NOT Coming Home”.

So what can we learn from this when it comes to our business, and winning new customers?

First and foremost, we can and WILL bounce back. I’m sure we’ve all had set backs in business, but it’s what you do next that matters. But there are three key areas that we can all focus on to increase our chances of success:

  1. We all need a vision, a mission and some quality GOALS to work towards.
  2. We all need a sequence of events that will enable us to warm a cold prospect into a warm lead, and of course, get them to the point of being a customer. One “kick” won’t do it. It takes considerable effort, and at least 7 to 15 interactions for the customer to trust and believe in your brand.
  3. MOMENTUM is critical. It’s what moves us forward…. It’s what keeps us going… and it is the biggest driving force behind results.

Do you have all of these in place RIGHT NOW?

Certainly, July’s session on Marketing Sequences will help greatly. And if you’re struggling with the other stuff, do let us know. There’s lots of support we can offer that will be right for you.

I hope you’ve managed to find something fun to do on Sunday instead of watching England in the final!

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