Celebrating Success at All Star Marketing Club

In every Workshop, Masterclass or One-to-One we run, we always ask our clients what their ‘ah-haa’ moments are. You know, the moments where the blinkers come off, the light bulb goes on… and you finally just ‘get it’!

For us at All Star Marketing Club, this tells us we have fulfilled our mission of making Small Businesses self sufficient and successful with Marketing.

Here is just the tip of the iceberg, because we have hundreds…

Let’s take a look at some of their Ah-haa moments!

“We work so hard on getting customers in, but we’ve not been getting their details and keeping in touch with them.”

Like many others that we work with, this business has implemented a robust system to ensure they never lose another lead.

“I now see that Branding is actually tenable. It’s not fluffy and I can actually work with it. I’d not wanted to deal with it before and now realise that is doable and has a value to it. I just didn’t know how to get from A to B before.”

This is the result of our Branding Masterclass. It’s intense, but completely worthwhile and necessary. Small Businesses don’t have big, well-known brands, so we have to take lots of tactical actions to get us known in our markets.

“My Marketing always stopped at ‘awareness’. I was not taking them through to the sale, and wondered why I wasn’t getting results”.

Our Marketing Sequences work always overcomes this issue for all businesses we work with.

“I have now packaged up our service so that it is much more understandable. It now feels much more valuable too, and I really feel like I can now communicate it so much easier”.

Our work with our members on their value proposition helped to deliver total clarity on what they sell and how to package and communicate this to a target audience.

“I cannot believe I have not been following up on leads. Now I know the formula, this will never happen again”.

This is the response from one of our clients, who finally found the recipe for the perfect Marketing Communications strategy for her industry.

“I was in a quandary when it came to sales and this session has really straightened me out”.

A fantastic summary of a session on Supercharging Sales.

“Return On Investment were three very scary words. I now know how to calculate this, and it will make my Marketing choices so much easier.

The result of a super Marketing Planning session.

“When I write now, I am writing for the right audience, and it is making my copywriting efforts so much easier, and it now takes less time too.”

Just what we wanted to hear after our copywriting masterclass.

“I’ve been using LinkedIn for years. But I have finally found out how to REALLY do it, and it’s been a real eye opener. I’ve now got a process that gets results.”

We shared our formula for using LinkedIn to generate leads. This is the result.

“I realised that I have been completely wasting my time on Facebook and Twitter because I wasn’t posting the right type of content, and I most certainly wasn’t following a clear plan that warms individuals to become paying customers.”

Hallelujah… it’s fantastic when this light bulb goes on, and that’s exactly what happened here. She was not the first though…. This is a common finding. But when you know what to do, it’s so simple.

“The way all digital marketing channels connect was completely lost on me. I feel enlightened and now know how to connect all my efforts so they have the biggest impact.”

The Digital Marketing Masterclass was a fantastic way of ensuring our members had the right formulas in place so they connected their entire online eco-system. It’s not as scary as it sounds!

“Oh my goodness. What a revelation. I have been targeting the wrong people all this time. What a waste of my time! Not anymore though.”

We always go into so much depth in uncovering a target customer. This is a typical response from those that attend our Kick-Start Your Marketing Workshop.

All that remains to be said is that we are incredibly proud of our clients and their achievements in 2016. They’ve shown dedication, and they are getting great results to grow their business and achieve the mission that they set out to achieve when they started working with us.

Congratulations to all!

Victoria & Rebecca

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