Are You Getting Enough Done?

**How to Get More of the RIGHT STUFF Done**

Every weekend, I always have a huge mental list of what I want to do. Last weekend, it looked like this:

1. Buy some bits and pieces for my upcoming girlie trip to Amsterdam
2. Take the little ones for lunch and a nice walk at Mottisfont
3. Have a tidy up of “the full of sh*t draw” in the kitchen (we all have them don’t we!)
4. Go bike riding with the children
5. Catch up on the washing
6. See my mum and dad for a cuppa
7. Catch up on some recordings on the TV
8. Watch Harry Potter with the boys
9. Get my food prep done for the week ahead, so I can eat more healthily.
10. Sort out wardrobes and take clothes to charity.
11. Have some time to do nothing.
12. Call my sister.

The reality is this…I did numbers 2, 5, 6 and 12.

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur as other things fell on my plate – like 3 hours at the children’s friend’s birthday party at Flip Out, some work I had to get finished, and of course, several games of snooker with twin 1!

Weekends are precious….
so trying to ensure there is equal measure of getting things done, but also spending time with my little family is key. And number 11 on my ‘to do’ list is also pretty important too.

The truth is… I haven’t been applying the ‘time management’ methods I use at work to my home life…. like getting it written down to make sure I achieve it… or prioritising…. Or making a plan.

I’ve big plans for that next weekend!

In business, time runs away too…. And it can be difficult to focus and implement the right stuff if you don’t do your utmost to get the balance right.

So, I thought I would share with you one of my favourite ways to break it down – and we do this EVERY DAY:

a) Who is it that I MUST contact today, without fail?
b) What FROG must I eat today? (not sure what a frog it… then click here)
c) What am I doing to GET new customers today?
d) What am I doing to LOVE my existing customers today?

This helps to address that balance and ensure the focus is on the growth of the business; not getting too bogged down with unnecessary tasks.

There’s also some more thoughts here in my ‘Get More Done: 8 Trusted Strategies’ blog, link below…
Get More Done: 8 Trusted Strategies.

Enjoy the read.
Victoria ????

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