A HUGE leap forward, thanks to THIS book….

I don’t know about you, but sometimes an idea plants itself firmly in your head, and once it is there, it’s simply impossible to ignore. And for me they are often brought on from reading…. Here’s the book I’ve been reading just recently.

And the author says that to be “badass a money making” you’ve got to keep putting yourself outside of your comfort zone.

So it led to this…..

I was thinking about a new online marketing course that I have wanted to write for so long… and how long it would take… and how sometimes too much other ‘stuff’ stops you from achieving the things you really want to do… and if only I had more time…..

That was the point I remembered that my parents were in Corfu, and I decided that would be a good idea to fly there for the weekend and work.

What could be better?

a) No distractions

b) An inspirational setting to free my mind and get creative

c) A whole weekend to myself to get stuck in

d) The safety net of my parents being close by

Yes, I thought. That is the solution. I must make it so!

After a quick chat with Mr V, to make sure he was all good for me to go (someone had to take over the school run, weekend parties, and such like), I booked my flight and headed to the airport that night, and flew out on the first flight that left Gatwick.

I arrived at my mum and dad’s accommodation at around 10am the next morning, bursting into the pool bar area, where they were enjoying a coffee…. “IS IT TOO EARLY FOR A GIN AND TONIC?” I called across to them in my disguise of a large sun hat and shades.

They were very surprised at my arrival! Such fun.

Despite the inviting pool, the beautiful scenery and the amazing Greek food calling me and temping me away from my plans, I resisted (most of it) and did spend the weekend working really hard on my course.

The course is coming along beautifully, and I’m incredibly pleased with the progress. 

Whilst it’s not finished just yet, I have taken a GIANT leap forward, that I wouldn’t have done without getting away, clearing my head and allowing myself to have the much-needed time out to develop our offering.

I am writing this from the plane, on my return journey and I now feel:

  • Re-focused and Re-set
  • Determined
  • Energised
  • A little bit proud of myself too

All because I gave myself the permission to get myself out of the everyday, for the GREATER GOOD.

What have you been meaning to do for some time that some time out would allow you to do?

It’s easy for us to make excuses not to get something done.

But what if you COULD get it done?

  • What would it mean to you?
  • What would it mean to your business?
  • What would it mean to your family?

In the meantime, If concentrating on ways to grow your business is near the top of the list, then make sure you work your way through those COMMITMENTS!

As Jen Sincero says in this book… “Great things come to those that MAKE TIME, not just try and find it…..” 

Victoria ????


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