5 ‘Fast & Free’ Marketing Moves to get new customers

Marketing is a bit like a house. No-one wants to come to your house unless they can glimpse whether there is something or someone that is interesting inside. Harsh but true!

So the more doors you can open to give someone that glimpse in and of course find their way in, the better. To do this doesn’t have to cost you money there are lots of Marketing doors that you can get open fast and for absolutely free.

Here are 5 moves you can make to get those doors open in just a couple of hours..

  1. Use Email to speak straight to potential customers.

Make sure you have a list of people you can sell to. You may have met them at networking events, you may be LinkedIn, they may have enquired about what you do. These people are potential customers, send them an email and regularly. It could be useful advice or to share an offer or discount with them. Keep in contact so that you are front of mind when they are buying.

  1. Use PR to get attention from your audience.

If you have just launched an amazing new product, won awards, are about to host a special event or have an interesting story then contact local press, industry magazines or online magazines that you know your potential customers will see. Find out if they are interested in your story. The more exposure you have the more chance you have of potential customers buying from you.

  1. Use Twitter to reach potential customers.

If you haven’t already got a Twitter page, pull together your profile and pictures to showcase what you do. Twitter is a great place for free online networking. Use Twitter hours to have a direct conversation with those people or businesses that you want as customers. There are hashtag hours for local business like #Hampshirehour or for specific customer groups like mums #mnc.

  1. Get found with ‘Google my Business’.

Set your Small business up on ‘Google my Business’ so that you are visible on Google and will appear on searches and maps. Even if you already have a website this only adds to help potential customers find you and is absolutely free. It is as simple as typing in ‘google my business’ and answering a few short questions.

  1. Use Linkedin Advanced Search to connect with the customers you want.

If you sell to other Businesses, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and then use the free ‘advanced search’ to locate the prospects who would best fit your business by job title, location, business type. It is then as simple as finding a reason to introduce yourself.

So, turn off your phone and commit to doing at least one of these….

The more those potential customers see what you can offer, become familiar with your name the more likely they are to consider you when they are ready to buy.

Remember no doors open, no way for customers to get in!!

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