3 Marketing Lessons from ‘Ab Fab’, Darling.

If I suggested that you should go and see a film about a couple of women in their autumnal years, staggering half-cut around London, would you?

It doesn’t sound that enticing does it?

So how can it be that Absolutely Fabulous the Movie grossed more than any UK film in its launch weekend since the latest Bond outing ‘Spectre’ ?

It is because Eddie and Patsy and the whole Ab Fab brand wasn’t built when they launched the film.

It was built years before with FREE fantastic, innovative, exciting content and a great storyline.

They hooked you in and that is exactly what your Business needs to do if you want customers to buy from you en masse.

From Solopreneur to Corporate Business here are 3 Marketing lessons we should take from Ab Fab:

  1. Real Value builds Loyalty and Credibility.

When you tuned in every Thursday night at 9pm to watch that 30 minute episode of Ab Fab (that you didn’t pay directly to watch) you enjoyed it. You found it fun and you remembered that it did something for you: joy, laughter, whatever it was. So when they asked for your £9.95 to watch it at the cinema you were happy to pay up because you knew they provided value to your life. So thinking about your Business, how can you enrich the lives of your potential customers; let them see that your product or service is worth paying for.

  1. A Brand with Big Character Wins.

There are hundreds of characters in Ab Fab but Eddie and Patsy are what everyone associates with the franchise. The public have warmed to them, they have shown themselves as genuine, fun and of course fallible. People are much more likely to buy from you if you put yourself out there and they can see exactly who they are buying from and they associate you with giving them exactly what they need.

  1. Get Endorsements from other credible people

The Ab Fab creators have created quite a celebrity following. And they milk that for all its worth eg. the Kate Moss cameo. Of course we can’t all have Kate Moss. But we can use existing customers to vouch for us and give us testimonials. We can use any of the supporters we have in the industry to get endorsements and recommendations; which we can use in our Marketing promotions.

It isn’t just Ab Fab, The Inbetweeners or Mrs Browns Boys that do this…

It should be your Business too.

Even if your business is just you, imagine if you could get that following by creating valuable content that enriches your customers lives? Imagine if you can use your great character or your team to make it personal? And you can prove your worth through those amazing recommendations from others?

It would mean that when your potential customers come to buy, you have warmed them up, made them care about your character and they have no fear about your ability.

So they will buy from you…

And wouldn’t that be Absolutely Fabulous, darling.

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