Let’s get sh*t done… 6 months of marketing completed, in just 2 days! 



FastForward to Marketing Success with this immersive Marketing Retreat

Join All Star Marketing Club for this one-of-a-kind “Get Sh*t Done” marketing retreat, and get the next 6 months of your core marketing implemented, with experts at your side, in just 2 days! Leave with your core lead generation activity well and truly taken care of.

This is not just a marketing training event – it’s an immersive experience where you will get more marketing done in 2 days than you have in one ENTIRE year.

Come with a bold, purposeful, and high-energy attitude – and you WILL make this happen, by following a process that NEVER fails.

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The FastForward Marketing Retreat is a “set it and forget it” 2-day event.

Leave with the ability to focus on creating BIGGER opportunities and outcomes for your business, knowing the core marketing is completely handled.

Lead generation training with All Star Marketing.

MASTER the skills – getexpert training to ensure you know everything you need to create a lead-generating marketing system.

Lead generation training with All Star Marketing.

MOBILISE your new knowledge: Implement what you’ve learnt and blitz your marketing. You’ll leave feeling fully in control, with more clarity than EVER.

Transparent lead generation training with All Star Marketing.

MASTERMIND with experts and peers: Enjoy the power of collective minds, as you work with both marketing professionals and fellow-business owners.

Personalised lead generation coaching.

MULTIPY your results. Enjoy leads coming into your business, from the marketing system you have implemented during the Marketing Retreat.

Various strategies for lead generation training.

MINDSET for success: enjoy an overnight stay, with breakfast, lunches and dining included, so you can concentrate solely on your marketing, without distraction.

Gain confidence with our lead generation consultants.

MINGLE: Enjoy time to chat with fellow business owners, and enjoy peer-to-peer discussions. You" make amazing connections – and even friends!

Who is The FastForward Marketing Retreat for?

This fantastic 2-day immersive experience is for SME businesses that want to save time, and thousands of pounds, by getting their core marketing in place, so they can focus on bigger opportunities and serving clients.

Increase your quantity of leads with All Star Marketing.

Those business owners that are inconsistently marketing. Without this momentum, it will be having a detrimental effect on lead generation.

Reduce time wasters and maximise efficiency with ASMC.

Businesses that are paying an agency, or thinking of paying a marketing agency to do it for them, and want to cut costs. You can get ALL the work done in 2-days!

Implement a proven systems to create more leads.

Those that struggle for time to get their marketing done. You’ll no longer do sporadic marketing that fails to get results; but instead, have a reliable core system and great foundations.


Our superb and knowledgeable team are ready to help you. We will learn about your business, and discuss whether FastForward is right for you, so you are not only certain of your decision (if you choose to come) but excited for the incredible journey and positive change you will make.

What you get with The FastForward Marketing Retreat

You are in for a REAL TREAT – it’s going to be a marketing experience you will NEVER forget – after all, how could you, when you’ve got 6-months’ of marketing done to remember it by!

FastForward is £2997 + vat.

However, right now, the Early Bird discount is still in play, so you pay JUST £1997 + vat

The ability to save days and days of time, and thousands upon thousands of pounds far outweighs the cost.

PLUS – how many customers do you need to recoup that investment? We know this retreat will do that and more!

Let’s take a look at what you get and what you’ll achieve…


6-Months of Social Media – written and scheduled

With out tried and tested model that you will first learn, then implement, you’ll easily get a whopping half a year of social media content nailed, so you can forget about it for months!


6 Months of Core Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most HIGHLY rewarding marketing channels (ignore those that say it’s not – they’re not doing it right!). You’ll prepare half a year of value-rich emails, that will have your ideal clients desperate to pay you.


Core Lead Generation Model

You’ll learn all about what it really takes to create leads for your business, and you’ll implement that process – so you can be sure your marketing is regularly warming up new leads for you to convert to sales.


Design Your Own Experiential Marketing Lead Generator

You’ll learn the formula to creating red hot leads that are ready to convert – and you’ll design your very own that will effortlessly support you in growing your business. 


The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Once you have learnt the entire system, you can simply repeat it again in 6-months time, so you can once again, focus on bigger fish – with your core marketing lead generation working whilst you sleep.


Tools, Tech and AI

Whether you are a tech novice or not, we will be showing you the latest tools, tech and AI that will accelerate the process, and you won’t believe you’ve been living without them until now!

With The FastForward Marketing Retreat, you don’t just get training. You get to implement the entire system – and you won’t find an event like this ANYWHERE else.


Get in touch to book your space, or find out more.

No question is a silly question. We want you to be comfortable and certain that this is a marketing event that will positively change the course of your business, forever.

Simply click the link below, and we’ll be only too happy to learn more about you, and whether this is a good move for you right now!



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