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The Saga of The Remote Control

Posted 03 Feb, 2017 No comments

In this article: A story that outlines just how important it is to get your messages right to your customers if you want them to take the right action.

Written by: Victoria Vickery

A couple of weekends ago, the TV remote control went missing.

To say I didn’t care is an understatement. There’s much more excitement to be had in the New Forest; in shoe shops; or maybe within the pages of a good book.

Mr V didn’t agree.

Ronnie O’Sullivan was playing in the Masters. (That’s snooker for those that don’t know.)

So Mr V was really irritated by my flippant comments of “there are better things to do” and “you know he’s going to win… so why bother”.

The sofa cushions were tossed off the sofa, the bookcase was unloaded, the toy boxes were turned out… and the twins got a grilling:

“Have you hidden daddy’s remote control?”

“Are you sure?”

“Did you move it?”.

There was tension in the house; I won’t lie. He was a bit annoyed that it wasn’t my priority; I wasn’t taking the matter seriously and wouldn’t join the search party until it was recovered. There was talk of a trip out to buy a new one.

I was in an eye rolling frenzy for about 24 hours, as the saga continued. Because the truth is,

So on his final hunt, after around that 24 hours point, the damn thing reared its ugly head. It was indeed, in the crack of the sofa – obviously his hand had missed it originally when he was jabbing it down there during the search.

So the moral of the story is this:
What is important to one person is just NOT important to another.

 And there is one thing that we always stress to our clients at All Star Marketing Club on this very point:

When you communicate with your customers or your prospects, make sure you are writing to acknowledge what THEY care about. What’s on THEIR minds.

Their view on what they want and need might be a whole lot different to yours. So put yourselves in their shoes and know what makes them tick.

If you can nail that, it really shakes up your ability to form relationships and connect with your customers; so that when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.

Victoria 🙂