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If you’ve got any questions about the All Star Marketing Club, we’ve probably got it below…
If not, Get in Touch! We’ll be more than happy to help.

What does being a ‘Member’ of All Star Marketing Club mean?

We call everyone members because when you join us it isn’t just about what you learn, you also become part of a community of other Small Businesses with whom you can share your ideas, challenges and have a chance to network.

Can I sit back & relax at the All Star Marketing Club?

As they say ‘what you put in, is what you get out’. We are all about working with you to make your Marketing successful and create results to grow your business. When you come to our interactive sessions you won’t want to sit back, not for a second.

Is there up front joining fee?

There is no joining fee and everyone who joins us gets every benefit straight away from the very first month.

Can I Pay monthly?

Yes you can pay monthly which will continue until you stop this.

Because there are no lock-ins we work hard to ensure that every single session will make bring a positive impact to your business.

What is I decide it is not for my business?

You can leave All Star Marketing Club at anytime. We ask that you don’t drop in and out as we believe that by staying with us you build your knowledge overtime and get the best from your membership.

What if I cannot attend the specific date of my club?

If you are an online member every live Masterclass will be available on replay in your member area. If you are part of the Inner Circle you can attend at any of the other venues in Hampshire.

What if I don’t have the time?

Our mantra is that to build your business you need to spend time working on it, not just in it. So the time spent with All Star Marketing Club is time to do just that, focus on your marketing without distraction. This way we guarantee you will create successful marketing.

Our Facebook members groups are always open and all our online masterclasses will be on playback so you can watch a time to suit you.

Why is this different from a marketing course?

This is not a lecture or a course. Every session is interactive where you will work on the Marketing for your business. You will constantly be deploying your Marketing to drive your business to business growth.