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Are You Getting Enough Done?

Posted 24 Jan, 2020 No comments
**How to Get More of the RIGHT STUFF Done** Every weekend, I always have a huge mental list of what I want to do. Last weekend, it looked like this: 1. Buy some bits and pieces for my upcoming girlie trip to Amsterdam2. Take the little ones for lunch and a nice walk at Mottisfont3. […]

Get More Done: 8 Trusted Strategies

Posted 22 Jan, 2020 No comments
Don’t manage your circumstances… take control and create a daily working pattern to love. In our Mastermind, our clients wanted to find a path through the time pressures…. here’s what we collectively came up with – some great strategies here. Feeling out of control and drowning under you...

Snooker Loopy

Posted 22 Jan, 2020 No comments
*In this blog you will read how the similarities between Snooker and Business will help you to find your Business Gaps * Every day, I play pool or snooker. At least one game. We brought the table and all of its accessories (balls, cues, chalk, triangles) for the children for Christmas, and when forced to […]

Are You Facing Your Giant?

Posted 08 Nov, 2019 No comments
Mr V and I went to see the NFL at Wembley last weekend – Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans. It made me think of this, and I wanted to share it with you…. This is one of the most powerful film scenes I’ve seen in a long time, that was sent to us by one […]

8 Reasons Being Part of a SUPER Community is Crucial

Posted 04 Oct, 2019 No comments
“Alone, we can do so little…. Together we can do so much”. When starting a business 6 years ago, I for one found it difficult to accept that I couldn’t do EVERYTHING myself. As time went on, and I tried to do everything from the admin, to the finances, the marketing and the sales to […]