YOU NEED A REASON TO WRITE – otherwise, there is no point.

It’s not the first, and it certainly won’t be the last time I say…

“It really does take 7 to 15 interactions with someone before we are willing to consider buying from you”

This makes keeping in touch really important, and a must for your Marketing Plan – and Email Marketing is perfect for this. But the thing is….

YOU NEED A REASON TO WRITE – otherwise, there is no point.

With Valentines Day around the corner, I’ve had some great emails from a various companies, linking a promotion to this date of “lurrrrve” in the calendar – such as gifts, clothing, dining and the list goes on. A great fit for those businesses to this occasion.

So… do you have a REASON to write, and a way to clock up those 7 to 15 interactions?

A reason to write might be:

– You have news or articles of interest to your ideal customer
– You’re the first in your industry to do **something**
– You have a new product or service to talk about
– You’ve won an award
– You’ve got some relevant events coming up.

And the list goes on.

Why not also link your communications to the calendar of events that are relevant to your industry? There is a National Day for just about everything… for example, in February alone there’s…..

– National Dog Biscuit Day
– Computer Security Day
– International Networking Week

Guaranteed, there is something tied to your industry, giving you a reason to write, and another communication on the journey to becoming a known and trusted source of support, help, products, services…….

So here’s a task:

Why not piece together a content calendar that links to important days in your industry’s diary for the next month? Pop it in your plan!

And finally, to demonstrate the points above…

Easter is coming up…
Please join us for our Small Business Easter Networking Lunch.

See below for details and tickets.
Note, tickets are limited, so please do get booked!

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