WOW… There Are Some Incredible People In This World!

On 13th September 2018, 100 individuals came together to celebrate the successes of the Hampshire Small Business community, and in particular the 31 finalists from our first ever awards ceremony. We were also proud to be giving all proceeds to our chosen charity, Breast Cancer Haven.

I am going to tell you who they winners were shortly, but not before I tell you this….

(and I’m sure you already know that!)

Putting on an event like this takes some doing… and our team at All Star have been absolutely startled by the support… so much so, that Claire and I have been quite tearful this week with overwhelm.

And here’s just a few examples:

Firstly, we were astounded by the generosity of our Sponsors…. who agreed to part with their cash so that we could put on a great event for our deserving finalists.

Secondly, our venue, East Horton Golf Club.
Not only did they give us a fantastic room to use, everything to go in it, and also free reign to ensure we did not have to compromise on what we really wanted to do to make it a memorable night….. BUT, their SERVICE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. They could not do enough for us; from the Events Manger and her team, to the bar staff who were ran ragged all night with the copious amount of celebratory drinks that were purchased! (I’m sure there were a few sore heads the following day!)

Thirdly, to the generous businesses that gave their products and services away as raffle prizes, so that we could raise even more money for Breast Cancer Haven.

Then of course there were those that came along to celebrate with us all, and to cheer on your friends, colleagues and loved ones who have achieved so much. Whilst there, I know there’s several that have also signed up to support Breast Cancer Haven in different ways too – from Parachute Jumps, to Wearing Pink in October, and Having Glittery Beards to Zip-wiring across Bournemouth Beach!

My Team… Claire who has worked tirelessly to bring the event together, Jade’s enthusiasm and energy to get things done, and Rachel’s raffle ticket sales skills!

And finally, to all of those that were nominated; especially the finalists. They’ve all achieved so much, and it is incredibly inspiring to us all.

I can’t thank these people enough for everything they have done.

It’s certainly lifted my heart, and it’s a reality check really to appreciate those around me and all they do. It’s so easy to overlook the simple things sometimes…

Who or what do you feel grateful for this week? I’d love to know. Perhaps share it on our Facebook page.

After a very hectic week on the lead up to the celebrations last night, I am going to be most grateful for a movie on the sofa, underneath the blankets with the twins at the weekend!

Victoria ????

p.s. Final count to be done, but we have raised hundreds and hundreds for Breast Cancer Haven!

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