What You Can Learn from Having a Beer in Vegas

Last weekend, I was in Las Vegas (I’m still recovering from the sleep deprivation!).

Mr V took me across the pond for my birthday trip, given it was the BIG Four-Ohhhhhh!

If you’ve ever been to Vegas then you will know that walking from one hotel, to the one next door, seems like it should be a few steps (it would be in most other cities). But the truth is, it takes bl**dy ages.

So, after coming out of the Cosmopolitan, making our way through the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and crossing over to experience the Venetian, we were ready for a beer.

We made our way down to a little bar called ‘Fuel’, which was nestled amongst the hotels, alongside some other little bars, eateries and gift shops.

As we sat there, taking in the surroundings, I was immediately struck by the obvious but compelling promotional activity that was going on around me.

I wanted to share this with you, because there’s a lot to learn from these simple yet highly effective strategies.
1. How did we get to this bar anyway?
It’s this simple. We were handed a BOGOF Voucher.

The bar had a lot of competition around it, so it needed to stand out.Yes, promotions can impact the bottom line, but here’s a fact….

When someone buys from you once, they are 5 x more likely to buy from you again.

Now that’s pretty compelling. So, for the loss of 7 bucks on a beer, the bar gained repeat custom from us, as we sat there for another drink, and we even came back on our last day – one for the road and all that!
2. Do Your Feet Hurt?
Here’s an example of product placement and marketing messaging working as a true dynamic duo.

Did I mention that we had done a lot of walking?!

Even with my most comfortable trainers on, my feet were sore! In fact, next time we go (and we will, it was a fantastic place) I am going to find something waaaayyyyyy more comfortable to wear on my feet.
A cushion maybe? Or perhaps a cloud.

So here we have a machine that sells some comfy shoes….

For the emergency situations where one’s feet are too uncomfortable, with the wording on the side asking a very good question, “do your feet hurt?”

What’s so great about this?

a) Look at the simplicity of the message. What else is there to say really? Marketing messages don’t need to be complex. All you really need to do is understand the customer’s pains, and show them how you can solve their problem. (I’ve got a half day course on that… check this out)

b) This ‘shoe machine’ is in a prime position… for those that are on a night out and pounding the streets in their uncomfortable, yet beautiful shoes. Where you show up to market your product needs to be in a place that your ideal audience are hanging out in. Obvious hey? But yet, so many forget this….
3. Do your ideal customers know how you’ll care for them?
We don’t always get the chance to ***show*** customers how we help them…

Or how we make them feel special…

how we add value to their life…

how much we care.

And that’s because they don’t all buy.

That’s why we *have* to show this in our Marketing.It will do the job for us, and show our ideal customers why they should step in our direction.So, when sitting at the bar, a glance to the right is where I saw “Wahlburgers”.

The burger joint owned by the Wahlbergs (Donnie, Mark and co). I can’t vouch for whether they live up to their values or not as I didn’t go there, but their Marketing made them very likeable.

Now, ***“know, like and trust”*** is what we need to build in the hearts and minds of our ideal customers. It’s what helps them to make purchasing decisions.

They’ve done exactly that, by expressing their values in their promotions, with messages like this:
“Stop in, sit down and make memories with us.”
“Making you happy makes us happy.”
“We embrace loyalty, gratitude, excellence and community, sharing these values in our restaurants every day.”
“We aim to make our guests smile.”

There you have it. My three marketing nuggets, whilst enjoying a nice cold beer in Sin City.So here’s some questions to ask yourself:

1. How compelling are your marketing messages?
2. Are you hanging out in the right places?
3. Are you building “know, like and trust” to help the decision-making process?

Enjoy your weekend.

Victoria ????
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