What we can learn from Love Island!

Love it or hate it, it’s got the Nation talking.

You can’t go onto Social Media, watch TV or pick up a magazine without seeing the “Love Islanders” faces, and the latest news and antics from the Villa!

If you’re not watching Love Island, here’s the name of the game…

  • Cohabit with a bunch of strangers
  • Get someone to fall in love with you (or a relationship at least!)
  • Keep hold of them until the end of the show
  • Be in with a chance of winning £50,000.

(You can “crack on” – as they say – and find out more here!).

The problem is, there’s not much loyalty going on!

Some of those kids are jumping from one bed to another with no shame.

This is exactly what we don’t want when it comes to our business.

If you want to attract, keep and profit from your customers there is a game planinvolved!


  1. If you want new customers to fall in love with you
  2. If you want customers to remain loyal
  3. If you want them to talk about you NON-STOP, just like the Love Island Fans do about the show….

…Then please do stick to your Marketing Commitments, and start embedding those all important processes and Marketing systems!

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