What Drives Success?

I’ve been complaining about my weight recently. I’ve put on a dress size (OK two) since last Summer and nothing fits – but I can’t stop eating naughty things. Anyone feeling the same pain? Anyone…. please?!

I’ve discussed about this with a couple of people this week (you know who you are!)…. to say that I’m paying £111 per month for my health club membership and not going…. and perhaps I need to get to Slimming World and get on the scales…..

This was met with the following response:

Person 1: Go and get weighed tonight. If you don’t, then you are just going to find excuses for another week as to why you can’t start your diet.
Person 2: Any small amount of exercise will do. You don’t need to make time for the gym… just get out and have a walk. Anything is better than nothing.
On top of that, I have been reading The Compound Effect (read it?).
It’s a great book (I’ll be reviewing it in the Business Star Magazine this month…. which I’ll send out to you).

And the long and short of it is….
Little steps forward add up to big results in the long term.

I know this of course, because it’s what I teach all day long, and I’m very good at it when it comes to business.

So here’s my thought for Friday…..
When it comes to business growth, sales and marketing, this image says it all.

So what “right things” will you commit to doing consistently?

I’ll look forward to reporting back next week on my weight loss adventures.
This is my public commitment to consistency!

Victoria ????

p.s. Did you see that the All Star Small Business Awards have launched? Click here if you’re consistently proving to be an amazing business, and deserve recognition!

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