What Dr Jack Said… Communicating In Stories (And a FREE Online Masterclass!)

My 5-year-old son, Dr Jack, has today diagnosed me with a VERY problematic and extensive set of ailments. I have:

  1. A bug in my knee
  2. A Heart temperature of 85
  3. A BIG problem in my right ear
  4. A bad arm. A very bad arm.

Plus I need two fillings and he’s going to take me to the dentist this weekend.

But don’t worry… I am fine because I’ve had several injections, where he has forcefully jabbed his plastic needle into various places on my body, including my chest, ear, arms and right armpit.

So here’s the thing…

Through play, Jack is simply re-telling the story of our family drama of the week….
My dad’s 4th knee operation, due to a very nasty infection (he’s on the mend now too!).

You see, we all communicate in stories. That’s just the way life is, and it is how we connect with others, build relationship and find meaning.

When it comes to our business story….

We are often telling it from OUR OWN perspective as a business, and not in a way that our prospective customers want to hear it. They want to know what’s in it for THEM, and what external, internal, spiritual, community or philosophical needs you are able to help them overcome.

Are you doing this?

If you are not able to tell the story of WHAT they need, WHY they need it, and HOW you can help them in EVERY communication you have with your customer, then you will fail to make a connection with them.

I’ve a 30 minute Online Masterclass on that… with a framework that will amazingly increase your capability to do this FOREVER!

Click here and register for it if you’d like to check you’re getting your messaging right. It’s free too, so if you’re trying to win new customers, this will be the best thing you could do in April.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. I hear it’s getting warm….


p.s. the free Online Masterclass is on 24th April at 1pm. It’s only 30 mins. Click here. If you can’t make it, still register and I will send you the replay.

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