10 Ways to Market Your Small Business

If you are looking at ways you can make an impact THIS WEEK by carrying out short, sharp marketing activities, then this article will help! Find out 10 ways to market your small business that will support you in becoming visible and getting leads and sales.

1. Launch a Limited-Time Offer

This week, what you can you do to get leads and sales from your database? Think about creating a  limited-time offer, that drives that sense of urgency and gets people to take action. This could be a discount, a free trial, or a bundled package. 

Promote it across your social media channels, email lists, your website, and your Google Business Profile.

2. Get Your Google Business Profile Up to Date

This is of the core ways to market your small business online – by using Google’s own features. And it’s free. It’s another place to add your products and services, as well as posts to (like you do on Social Media). In fact, you can schedule posts to go to your Google Business profile, like you do on your social media channels. Buffer, for example, allows you to schedule posts for your Google Profile at the click of a button. So worth looking at this, and ensure your Google Business profile is up-to-date. We’ve seen an increase in clicks to our website when we are adding posts to our profile, and you’ll see the same.

3. Reels in Instagram and Facebook

If you’ve not been using Reels then you are missing out! They are being prioritised by the Social Media platforms right now, and therefore, that’s a sign that you should be making the most of this as one of the ways to promote your small business. They get more engagement and more air time that your normal flat posts. Aim towards 3 to 5 Reels per week. They don’t have to be hard work – there are templates and you can even do a series of photos to music. Just start somewhere.

4. Do you have a referral programme?

Do you ever ask your customers to refer you?

What could you do this week to get in touch with existing clients, and ask them if they know anyone that needs what you offer? Let them know how they can refer you (perhaps you can even write an email for them to forward on?) because in doing so, you make it easy – and people need ease!

5. Do you offer FREE consultations?

When you do, how often are they converting? If they are not covering well, you may not be showing the person you are consulting with enough of their gaps, and how you help their transformation and overcome their pains. I’d recommend having a core set of questions that you ask, that in doing so, you can then clearly articulate the areas they need to improve – and that you have the pathway forward. This works really well for most businesses: coaches, professional services, health and wellbeing, manufacturing, construction and more.

6. Your Value Proposition

Do you have that CORE statement that you can use ANYWHERE that shows your audience the ultimate value that you bring to them? You only have around 3 seconds to make that first impression in your marketing; whether that’s social media, your website, at a networking event. So make it count.

Here’s an example for a Chiropractic Clinic:

“Overcome Persistent Pain & Mobility Issues with Personalised Chiropractic Rehabilitation Support so you can make a successful return to the sport you love.”

This shows the issues, the offer and the transformation or outcomes that are delivered.

Work on this!

7. When was the last time you reviewed your pricing?

If things are not adding up finacially, you’re attracting the wrong people, your competitors are charging more than you, and you feel under pressure, then they might be signs that you need to consider your pricing. Check out our blog – 21 signs your pricing is too low.

8. Are you engaging with the posts of your ideal customers?

Engaging in the comments on Social Media is an important part of the Social Media process. We cannot be ‘socially selfish” as I like to call it; expecting people to engage with our stuff, but do nothing in return. Social media is just that – SOCIAL! It can”

  • Get you visible in front of like-minded people, so you attract a wider audience
  • Support you in creating the 7 – 15 interactions that are required for someone to consider buying from you.
  • Help you connect much more deeply, and for people to get to know you, your voice, what you’re all about.

Why not create a HOT LIST of 20 people that you want to do business with and keep an eye out, once a week, on their activity… and engage. They’ll soon get you know your name and start to wonder what you’re all about! This is one of the easiest ways to market your small business – by building relationships.

9. Optimise Your Call-to-Action Buttons

Review your website and landing pages to ensure your call-to-action (CTA) buttons are clear, compelling, and strategically placed. Use action-oriented language, so instead of “more information” or other passive ways of communicating, use things like “Get Started Now” or “Claim Your Discount”,  to drive clicks – or even more fun things like, “accept the challenge”, or “Get the good stuff here”, “Start your adventure here”,  or a transformational one, for example “Become a Marketing Genius”.

10. An Easy Way to Produce Content

What is a common challenge that you customers face?

Produce ONE top tip, and post it. Why not link it to a more in depth blog of newsletter to get them moving around your assets?… Because more interactions builds more ‘know, like and trust’ with your brand.

Example: What is the one thing all business owners struggle with? TIME. So if that’s your audience, what can you tell them that would help them save time – and how much time? Start there.

Need more help with ways to market your small business?

Every month, we share 10 top ways to promote your small business with our Inner Circle clients; as well as teaching them a core marketing strategy each month, providing group and one-to-one coaching – and a whole host of other benefits.

If you would like to find out about the Inner Circle Membership Programme and be part of an incredible community of Businesses that are using our Marketing Training, Coaching and Strategies to scale, then click here for more information and to get our brochure.

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If you are looking at ways you can make an impact THIS WEEK by carrying out short, sharp marketing activities, then this article will help!...

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