Victoria Vickery’s Account of Joining the Gym and Getting Results – and what this means in the business world.

“I’m not a huge fan of exercise, but what with carrying an extra Winter stone in weight, it was time to bite the bullet and be the cliché….. the person that joins the gym in January.

I’ve been to “Body Jam” twice so far – it’s an exercise class that is based on some rather rigorous dance moves.

The problem is… it’s very fast paced, and basically results in a bunch of women with their arms and legs flailing around, trying to keep up with the routine.

EXCEPT if you’ve been going for some time….

Now for those ladies, it’s a different story.

They all move in harmony with the instructor; looking great and rather advanced as they piece each of the steps together pretty perfectly. It reminds me a bit of that scene in Ants!

So for me, it’s top marks for effort – but not so much for the skill, technique, pizzazz and visual appeal! It’s going to take a lot more learning, applying and practising to make it really work for me!

And it’s just the same as that in business.

Except you DON’T get top marks for effort. Everything you do needs to get results; and that takes know-how, skills, technique, strategy, and a bit of hand holding.

That’s what we are all about at All Star Marketing Club.

So if you are putting the effort in, but still not managing to get the results you need, then you are probably not piecing the ‘dance’ together quite right.

When you get your Marketing and Sales efforts right, following the correct rhythm and beat, it can feel effortless.


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