Using Emotion In Your Marketing Messages Like The National Lottery… Who Wins If You Win?

I keep hearing the National Lottery advert on the radio. Have you heard it?

It’s theme is… “Who Wins If You Win”.

It makes me have goose bumps. Here’s a link to one of the short videos on YouTube. Click here.

I’m feeling pretty envious of it actually… I wish I’d come up with that concept for my business…


Because when you are growing a business, there is always a HUGE emotional pull as to the reasons you want to succeed – and this advert absolutely nails that

Whether it’s comfort in retirement, to give more to charity, to build a secure future for loved ones, to live a life of luxury.

But here’s the thing….

You will NOT succeed at scaling a business (and the income that goes with it) UNLESS you are willing to plan for it.


Amongst other things, your daily plan should focus on:

  • How you will gain new customers.
  • How you will keep existing customers happy
  • What nasty niggling jobs you need to get off of your ‘to do’ list that you are procrastinating over (we call this ‘eating the frog’… you might have read the book).

So I would invite you to GET A COPY OF THE DAILY PLANNER that we use at All Star Marketing Club. It’s brilliant when you stick to it, and get into a routine. Then all you need to do is…..

1. Print it.
2. Fill it out every day.
3. Do what you plan to do.
4. See improved results in your time management, leads, sales and customer retention.

Easy peasy.

Are you up for the challenge?

Victoria ????

p.s. you can click below for a copy too!

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