This WhatsApp Story will Explain it all….

On Thursday morning, as I was about to leave the house, I thought I had better quickly pop the dishwasher on.

I’m not going to explain the detail of what happened next, because if you read the WhatsApp Conversation between myself and my cleaner, Amanda, all will become clear (although a bit embarrassing)!

She’s the white speech bubbles. I’m green!

So that was that, and just in case you don’t know already….


So that got me thinking about growing a business, of course….

All to often… We make do. Try and find shortcuts. Dismiss the ideal.

All because:

  • That’s how it’s always been done
  • It’s easier for us
  • We haven’t had time to fix of change something
  • It seems too difficult to do anything else
  • We don’t have the systems…. time…. money.

If you feel like you’re “making do” and business could be BETTER, BIGGER, MORE PROFITABLE… then why not make sure you are utilising the best possible tools and resources to make it happen…. whether Accountants, VAs, CRM systems – and the list goes on.

Marketing OF COURSE, will make your business BETTER, BIGGER and MORE PROFITABLE. So what are you going to do NEXT WEEK to move it forward?

Victoria ????

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