There Is No Mistaking The AA Van

Mr V works for the AA. He’s not an AA man… he doesn’t know a thing about cars really! But he was in attendance at their conference, where a huge amount of the roadside staff came together.

So the Madejski Stadium in Reading was full of hundreds of bright yellow vans… as you can see in this pic.

As always, it got me thinking about Marketing – and branding to be precise.

There is no mistaking the yellow AA Van. We know what they do. We know how they support customers. We know what to expect (whether your experience is good or bad!).

Do your prospects and customers feel the same way about you?

  • Do you ensure your messages are always consistent, to create knowledge and trust?
  • Is the look and feel of your Marketing consistent too: colours, photography, style, logo for continued brand awareness?
  • Is everyone in your business offering the same level of great customer service to get and keep your clients?

If you don’t keep it pretty uniformed, you run the risk of not being recognisable, and no one paying attention to you.

The best kept secret perhaps!

If you haven’t attended the Business Story Script Session, then please make sure you at least watch THIS VIDEO as it will help to create clarity on your core Marketing Messages, and how you weave these into all of your Marketing.

Victoria ????

p.s. I wouldn’t like to try and find my yellow AA van after this event, would you?! They’re probably still there searching now!

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