[The Tech Files] How to Get More Facebook Likes from your IDEAL Customer

**With Free Facebook Planning Toolkit**

So… how do I get more likes on my Facebook Page.

It’s a question I am asked repeatedly.

So I thought I would tackle it here.

If you have read our article on why you should grow your Facebook likes then you’ll know that your organic reach is going to suffer if you only have a small number of followers – and this will impact the number of leads you get from Facebook.

Sooooooo here’s what to do about it.

Remembering that Facebook is all about the user experience, I would suggest you start here.

1. Take a look at your Facebook Insights

Find a post that you have had GREAT engagement on. It could be a video or simply a good post.

If you don’t have one? Think about a video, post, or image that you know would HUGELY benefit your ideal audience and would stimulate conversation and add great value. Produce that.

2. Set up an Facebook Ad that is optimised for Engagement

Set up the ad to run at around £5 per day.

3. Choose your audience

Think carefully about who you need to target, using the targeting features within the Ad platform. Make sure you run this to a cold audience; not your existing page likes, or other known audience.

4. Watch the page likes roll in

You are going to naturally get page likes as a result of your great content.

Once you’ve done this, and started to build a following, you’ll be ready to start some targeted work to grow a nice warm group of highly engaged followers, that you are preparing for the sale!

Want a Facebook Advertising Planning Toolkit to help you?

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