The School Playground

After what seems like a very long Summer, I am so pleased that we are finally getting back to normal. The boys went back to school this week.

I do love to people watch, and the playground is great for that. There’s mums and dads that are:

  • Dropping off before work
  • In their Activewear, perhaps off to the gym or for a run
  • In a rush to drop off so they can get their pre-schooler off to nursery too

There’s also grandparents, childminders, breakfast club helpers… and the list goes on.

And they all have a different approach to their mornings:

  • Some huddle in groups, having a natter (that’s usually Claire)
  • Some stand on their own and perhaps chat with their kids (that’s typically me)
  • Some that rush in last minute (that’s normally Jade)

But we all have something in common….

Our children’s need for education.

This made me think of the importance of identifying your target audience – we call them “STAR Customers” of course.

Whilst our “STAR Customer” base might have one thing in common and form an overall collective that need our services or products (a bit like the school parents)…. it’s so important to think on a more granular level.

So imagine your overall Collective of STAR customers being a bit like an Orange…..

They are held together by one common theme. But within that, you’ll have different segments that have a different twist of each other in terms of what they want, where they hang out, how and where you need to talk to them, and what you say.

Have you reviewed your STAR Customers recently, to make sure the ones that you are targeting are the ones you REALLY want to focus on to grow the business?

Well worth asking yourself….

  1. Do I need to rethink which STAR Customers you are targeting, given the business growth plans?
  2. What are those different segments of individuals (e.g. like the different types of parent identified above)
  3. What are their needs, wants, concerns and pain points, and how do they differ between the segments?
  4. How do you meet those differing needs?
  5. How do you need to tailor your Marketing to reach them and resonate with them?

By identifying this, you can much more easily create compelling Marketing that is well targeted, and creates action.

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