The Rollercoaster – £1 in for 10p out?

Have you ever played on those 2p slot machines?

I have fond memories of being a child and playing on them.

Ohhhh, the jeopardy and excitement…

Making sure that you forcefully push that coin into the machine at the right time; so that it lands on the upper platform in isolation… to be able to push the existing coins forward when the platform moves backwards; creating that coin waterfall.

I’ve just returned from a week in Devon with Mr V and the twins. We had a little go on “THE ROLLERCOASTER” machines…. (Anything to keep them entertained. They are FULL ON!)

I still feel that excitement now… where for every £1 you put in, you might get 10p out. Yippeeeeeeee…. And even better if it all comes flooding out at once!

About £8 went in all together this week. Nothing out (not that we kept anyway). But it was all in the name of fun, so it was OK!

BUT it made me think about Marketing spend (of course… why wouldn’t it?!)

For every £1 you spend on Marketing… would it be acceptable to you if you only got ten pence back?

No. Because you are losing money and it isn’t sustainable.

What about if… for every £1 you spend on Marketing, you got £2 back?

Yes, of course. That’s very acceptable!

When you are in control of Marketing, that’s exactly what you can expect: for every effort you make; whether that is in money, or indeed hours, you know what the percentage return will be in pounds and pence.

And just like you might with the 2p slot machines… stick with the one that is paying out and keep adjusting your techniques to make it work even better!

So, in light of that, here are some questions for you to consider:

What are you doing to measure your Marketing activity?
Do you know what activity is successful and which isn’t?
What are you going to do to get better results?

If you want to start getting control of your Marketing, then how about joining us for Kick-Start Your Marketing? It’s our half-day Flagship Marketing Course that helps you to make positive changes and will help you gain the confidence to get results.

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