The Daily Business Habits That Breed Success

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Some weeks go by in an absolute blur, and you can feel like you’ve achieved the grand total of sweet f…. nothing. So how can you make sure that you end each week on a high, knowing you have done your utmost to grow your business?

There is article upon article on the subject of, “what do successful people do every day”. I’m not going to go into that…. But what I will go into is this subject….

What daily habits can you embed that will ensure your momentum breeds more and more success?

Well here’s our approach.


How is your business Sales & Marketing performing?

Choose a different area to look at each day.

Here’s some ideas on what you could review:

  • Google Analytics: where is your traffic coming from? How long are people staying there for? Where are you losing them? What impact is your Marketing having on your traffic?
  • Your Social Media Insights: What’s having the greatest impact? Which posts are working well and which are not? How is your advertising performing?
  • Your Email Marketing: What results are you getting based on the action you are asking your list to take? What are your open rates and click through rates like? Who is engaging, and what strategy could you implement with them to make them buy?

Once you understand the picture, make a note of what you NEED to do to improve. Now add it to your ‘to do’ list and make it happen!


What are you doing today to make sure your customers are well cared for, and your Customer Experience is up to scratch?

Show them you care and help to nurture the relationship. Here are some ideas:

  • Write them a quick email to check in.
  • Call them to offer support or ask how they’re doing.
  • Send them a regular newsletter that supports them with their needs.
  • Send them a ‘thank you’ for the business that they are giving you.
  • Ask for their feedback on your service, to show how much you value their thoughts.


What are you doing today to make sure you WIN new customers?

New Business needs to be in our thoughts every single day, without fail. Have you got a plan of what you are doing, why and when? It could be anything from:

  • Attending Networking Events that you know your STAR customer will be at.
  • Creating a Social Media Plan that is designed to drive traffic to your website.
  • Following up with outstanding leads that you have previously quoted for.
  • Creating an Email designed to sell your product or service.

There are many ideas, but do make sure they are well planned and executed, and driving towards your overall business goals – and not just throwing out communications and hoping something sticks.

How to do it?

Spending 30 minutes each day working on your Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience will put a good dent into your sales goals…. And imagine if you can stretch to an hour or two? This will mean SERIOUS momentum.

If you’d like our really handy Daily Planner sheet, then please click here and get your copy!

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