Step Outside Your Normal Environment … It’s where the best ideas come from.

Last weekend, we took the children to Mottisfont for a little day out.

As it’s only about 10 minutes away from home, we do go there quite a lot. It’s such a beautiful place. Have you been?

Our usual journey round is:

  • Up one side of the river: visit the children’s play area and the water pump
  • Over the bridge and back down the other side
  • Over the lawn, around the house, and into the Stables for a coffee
  • Round to the icehouse and rose gardens

You get the idea. We have OUR route.

But last Sunday, we took a different route, and as the children ran ahead of us over the field, I commented to Mr V, “wow, we’ve never been this way before, and it’s like visiting for the first time. It just all looks so different from this perspective.”

And of course, it made me think.

Claire and I, at All Star, have our best ideas when we are out and about, and not in the office… perhaps travelling somewhere, sitting in one of our homes, on a training course, at an event, speaking to other people.

We’ve designed new services, come up with new Marketing campaigns, thought of new strategies for the business.

In fact, some of our best work has come from stepping out of our normal environment.

For me, this is key.
When you enter a new or different place…

  • It puts space between you, and the day to day pull of the demands, priorities and to do list.
  • It frees the mind, and allows it to explore.
  • It helps to get clarity and control, and to take stock on where you are, and where you are going.
  • It allows you to gather inspiration and a little creativity.

In a nutshell, it changes your state of mind – something we’ve been learning a lot about from our NLP Training this year.

So I’d like you to ask yourself this question:

What is critical within the business right now?

Once you’ve worked our exactly what you need to focus on, perhaps book time away from your normal working place and go and create the breathing place to come up with your best ever plans to make it all happen!

Have a fun weekend.


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