Snooker Loopy

*In this blog you will read how the similarities between Snooker and Business will help you to find your Business Gaps *

Every day, I play pool or snooker. At least one game.

We brought the table and all of its accessories (balls, cues, chalk, triangles) for the children for Christmas, and when forced to play daily, you can’t help but get pretty good at…. Especially the children!

What is so interesting is the evolution of their skill: from not being able to hit the balls, to hitting the balls… then of course, actually potting them.

And now… thanks to the fact that they play daily and have also been watching the Masters, they have learnt to read the table, and actually anticipate their shot and where the ball needs to be, so they can be in a position to pot the next one.

Clever stuff for two 7-year olds, I think. They amaze me. From knowing nothing, to saying stuff like…

  • “Mummy, you can’t plant the pink ball”….
  • “Foul…. 4 points to me.”
  • “That’s not the right angle, Mummy.”

The list goes on.

There’re several similarities I’d like to draw between learning to play a game of snooker, and growing a business, and here they are:

  1. Continually learning ‘your game’ drastically improves your capability
    I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t learn something new about growing and scaling a business. How about you? There will always be elements that are not necessarily within your expertise, but nonetheless, new knowledge will go a long way to helping you improve.
  2. Implementing ‘new tactics’ takes you further towards the win
    If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got. Being willing to try new approaches, or adapt existing ones may give you an edge over the competition!
  3. Strategy is everything
    Every step you take, is a step forward towards winning the frame…. But how do you make sure you are ready to win the entire match? Make a plan. Know your moves and the position you need to be in.
  4. Look up….
    If you want to play bigger and better, then look to those that are already accomplishing that you want to achieve. For my boys, it’s John Higgins, Ali Carter or Ronnie O’Sullivan perhaps. Who’s winning in the area that you want to get better at, and how can they help you?
  5. You’ll always get snookered
    There are always challenges along the way. There’s always a way around that challenge, and with the right mindset and optimism, all will become clear. And if you get it wrong….. you won’t play the same shot next time!
  6. Practice makes perfect
    The more you do something, the better you become…. Especially with business, and selling your wares. Repetition builds reputation, after all.
  7. Hit and Hope
    When the way forward is not obvious, trust your gut. It’s usually right.

So some questions for you to ponder:

a) How much emphasis are you putting into “improving your game”, whether that’s your personal skill, your sales numbers or even your mindset.

b) How well planned is your business growth our of 10, with 1 being not at all, and 10 being very)? If the answer is below 8, then it’s something to address straight away.

c) Who do you need on your side to help you grow and to navigate the challenges?

If you’d like to find out where your areas of improvement are, this tool may help.

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