Small Business Marketing Success for All Star Marketing Club?

The Venus Awards recognise local women in business, and the Southampton awards generated over 1,000 nominations this year!

We are incredibly proud that our own Managing Director, Victoria Vickery, is a semi-finalist in TWO categories.

Business Mother of the Year: someone who successfully juggles business and family life. This award is sponsored by the Daily Echo.

Influential Woman of the Year: a women that is able to motivate others and make a difference. This award is sponsored by the Peter Cooper VW Group.

Victoria is one truly inspirational women, who has had three super successes in the last three years:

  1. Victoria brought twin boys into the world, who are now three years old. She ensures she juggles business and family life, and spends as much time having fun with her boys, and ensuring they are happy and healthy.
  2. She founded V:Squared Marketing in 2013; built up to be a six-figure marketing agency in just 2 years, that successfully works with small and medium businesses to deliver their marketing.
  3. Victoria champions the growth of small businesses through fantastic marketing and recognised this as a huge stumbling block for small business owners and entrepreneurs, due to the price tag. So Victoria co-founded All Star Marketing Club in 2015; as a place where Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners can go to learn and implement formidable marketing. This has made marketing simple, accessible and affordable for those that need it the most.

We think she’s a worthy winner!

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