The Small Business Marketing Moves You Must Make

In this blog, Victoria Vickery discusses the three core areas you must tune into if you are going to make the right marketing moves for your business.


Whether you are a gym goer or not, you may be aware of all of those different gym personalities that, for example:

  • The Selfie-Obsessed Exerciser, snapping away whilst posing with various gym equipment.
  • The Buff Boys & Girls, looking amazing with their weights that are probably way heavier than their own bodies.
  • The Cardio Kings & Queens, who can run for miles on the treadmill, row faster than my mum drives her car, and don’t get out of breath on the climbmill.
  • The Social Butterflies of the exercise classes, who are on first name terms with the instructors, and the majority of the rest of the class

Goodness, there are loads of different gym types from all walks of lives, each there for their own purpose.

The one gym personality that I would like to call out is the Exercise Ants.

It’s those that have been going to exercise classes for a long time and they have this amazing ability to move in harmony with the instructor; looking great and rather advanced as they piece each of the steps together pretty perfectly; whether it’s Zumba, Boxercise, or any other.

I call them Exercise Ants because it reminds me of the scene in the children’s film “Ants” – you’ll see what I mean if you click here.

For me, when I attend these classes, I’m not so ‘in-tune’ with the Exercise Ants, so it’s top marks for effort – but not so much for the skill, technique, pizzazz and visual appeal, as my arms and legs flail around, trying to keep up! 

It’s going to take a lot more learning, applying and practising to make it really work for me!

And it’s just the same as that in business when it comes to your small business marketing: 

Except you DON’T get top marks for effort, or any type of recognition at all. 

Everything you do needs to get results; and that takes know-how, skill, technique, strategy, and a bit of hand holding.

So if you are putting the effort into your marketing, but still not managing to get the results you need, then you are probably not piecing the ‘dance’ together quite right.

When you get your Marketing and Sales efforts right, following the correct rhythm and beat, it can feel effortless, and you can almost start to do it all without thinking, and even on autopilot.

Does this sound good to you?

If that’s the case, then read on, and find out where your weaknesses are.

1. Business & Marketing Strategies

No matter what your business is, there will be a set of business and marketing strategies that will be right for you, and your job is to prioritise each of them, and tackle those that fit best with your goals. You’ll need to consider, for example:

  • Your New Customer Strategy
  • Your Retention/Loyalty Strategy
  • Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Your Product/Service Strategy
  • Your Traffic Strategy
  • Your Website & SEO Strategy

Just to name a few.

2. Your Marketing Skills, Capability & Techniques

What marketing skills and capability do you need to develop, in order that you can make this work?

At a very basic level your business needs to have simple marketing funnels or systems that you can build and manage yourself, that are there to generate leads and sales consistently – warming cold individuals into paying customers.

It’s no use thinking that:

  • your efforts in social media alone will bring customers
  • your efforts with SEO alone will bring you customers
  • your efforts in email marketing alone will bring you customers
  • your efforts at events alone will bring you customers

Of any other channels you may be using.

Any Marketing activity cannot be treated as an island. They need to work together, allowing your ideal customer to move seamlessly from one to the other, as they start to get a picture of who you are, where you do, and what you offer as they get to know you, like you and trust you. That’s when they will want to consider doing business with you.

On top of that there is a huge need to get the basics right:

  • Your marketing messages
  • Your offering
  • Your customer profiling

And much more.

Some very focused skills, capability and techniques that get you to use multiple marketing channels, but together, is what is required. This will allow you to build out this brilliant gift-giving system.

Sounds difficult, but I promise, it isn’t if you are willing to learn what it takes.

3. The Support you Need to Make It Happen

Trust me, simply outsourcing your marketing is generally not the answer for any small business.

You know your customers and your business best, and that means that in-house management (whether you or a member of staff) is the best solution.

There are many ways that you can structure your marketing, and have the right support to make it work and it is all very easy to learn, but you must be WILLING to learn it and implement it.

Just like the ants, it all needs to work together seamlessly, so if that is something you would like to consider learning, then why not check out the Inner Circle, our flagship Marketing training and coaching programme.

“If you spend your time trying to figure it out for yourself, or you are just throwing marketing out there to see what works in a ‘spray and pray’ style, then you will never achieve the ability to turn on the tap to leads.

Victoria Vickery

You are very welcome to book in a quick discussion with me, and within 15 minutes of understanding what you are currently doing, I can promise that you will walk away with some recommendations that will help you. 

Just click here to book that chat. It’s free.


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