Planning for Small Businesses


At the time I type this, there’s just under 8 weeks to go until my friend’s wedding and I DO NOT FIT INTO MY BRIDESMAID DRESS. I have been promising myself I’ll shift the weight for months, but now it’s real.
It’s crunch time. The blub has to go. ONE STONE, no less!

So what am I going to do about it?
Well, as with any goal, I’ve worked out the action I need to take:
1. Alcohol: No vino, except for a couple of special occasions coming up.
2. Reduced man-made carbs (e.g. pasta & bread)
3. Minimum of 10,000 steps a day, plus 2 x other exercise sessions each week
4. Eating “from the farm” only – no goodies
5. Record and measure: seeing the progress keeps me on track.

If I do this, I know that I will lose at least 2 to 3lb per week, and with the odd hiccup along the way, that’ll reach my 1 stone goal.

So how can you apply this to business?

With 6-months left of the year, what is your SINGLE-MINDED GOAL?
It could be based on:
a) Customer numbers
b) Lead numbers
c) Revenue
d) Profit
e) Anything else that fits with your business.

If you have worked it out, then now is the time to break that down into small, manageable micro-goals, that by working on them, they will help you to achieve your overall goal.

If you want to gain an additional £20k (or whatever your target might be) in revenue, it won’t just HAPPEN. You need to plan.

– Create monthly (or even weekly) sales targets that will help keep you on track.
– Decide on the most effective marketing strategies you will use to create leads – don’t try and do everything.
– Create a map of what you will do with that lead when it comes to you, or you’ll lose it.
– Decide on your sales approach, and don’t shy away from this. It gets cash in.
– Understand what support you need to make it happen.
– Create a ‘to do’ list to bring it to life. Action creates results.

If you don’t break down your goals, you are likely to get to the end of the year, only to realise you haven’t done what it takes to achieve them.

If you have struggled this year, you have the ability to turn this year around.
I promise you.

If you need help in thinking this through, GET IN TOUCH.

A 15 minute call with me will get you a long way in understanding what you need to do, and I’ll even help you map out your sales plan to help you get there.

Book here.
No strings. Just great advice and coaching, so let me help you.
Victoria 🙂
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