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4 Surefire, Simple Ways to get Social Proof.

Posted 19 Jul, 2016 No comments
Surely only a total madman would book a hotel without checking the reviews on trip advisor or spend £50,000 on a home extension without checking the builder out on check-a-trade? It is just what people do now. Before someone buys they gather evidence, clues, check out the suspects like they are Hercule Poirot or Sherlo...

5 ways to make your LinkedIn Profile a Killer Marketing tool .

Posted 13 Jun, 2016 No comments
I will get straight to the point. Whatever your Business, LinkedIn is a necessity for your Marketing toolkit. LinkedIn is the most up-to-date database of people in jobs, people who own businesses and people with social enterprises that you will find anywhere, literally in the world! Whether your a personal trainer, you...

5 ways your Business can change someone’s life.

Posted 03 May, 2016 No comments
If you really believe in your great product or service then you will know that it can make your customers life so much better, richer & rewarded. You just need to make sure that that they know that too! Here we shortcut to the five most common ways that your Business can enrich the life […]

Be a Hero to get rewarded with new Customers.

Posted 03 May, 2016 No comments
If you are a small business that sells to other business then to get Customers to buy from you, you must be able to fix their Pain, the gap in their life, the one that only your product or service can fill…… Regardless of what Industry, location or job title, here is our shortcut to […]