Make Your Small Business Memorable

At the weekend, whilst I was ironing school uniforms for my twin four year olds (as you do!), the two of them were dancing around to some music (as they do!).

It was a Justin Fletcher album (or Mr Tumble for those of us that don’t know any better). And they love it. Why?

Well, what’s not to love… it’s got Mr Tumble doing a version of ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen, and Happy (released by Pharrell Williams in 2013 – where did the time go?!).

So, one of the twins is being a little heavy handed with the CD player (yes, CD player. We still have one in the Vickery house!), and when told to stop jamming his index finger repeatedly into the ‘skip to next track’ button, he says, “but I want the food song.”

What? I haven’t heard a FOOD song on this album (and I’ve listened to it more times than I’d care to admit… but never on my own, honest).

I am puzzled about this Food Song. And I tell him so.

But he is insistent and keeps skipping through the tracks until he finally lands on the one he wants. “Ah, this is the food song I wanted mummy”.

Food Song? It’s Mr Tumble doing a version of “No Place I’d Rather Be”.

This is the Food Song?

I just don’t get it. I’m confused as to why this is the Food Song. Until I realise…. (see there is a point to this story).

It’s the song that Marks and Spencer have used to advertise their food range.

Ha ha ha! It really made me chuckle. He is simply recalling the advert and the fact that this song accompanied it.

A powerful combination: the right images and the right music. It’s memorable.

Here’s the advert….

So the MORAL of this story?

Be Memorable: Create Your Powerful Combination.

So what can you do in your Marketing to achieve this?

And we’ll start here (come back for tip 2 soon, OK?)


Increase your VISUAL APPEAL in Social Media…

Here’s how:

  1. Use eye catching Images – they are 500 x more likely to capture attention than just text, and they are 80% more likely to read if they connect with the image.
  2. Use Video – whether it’s a behind the scenes of your business, a product demo, or a ‘how to’ video. Video works. It is predicted that 74% of internet traffic will be video on 2017, and those that watch a video are 2 x more likely to buy.
  3. Use your brand consistently in everything you do on Social Media, because it takes between 7-15 times for someone to see your brand before they will consider buying from you. And to clock up those interactions, they need to recognise you. So develop your brand’s ‘style’ and stick to it.

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