How well are you performing in Social Media?

Marketing is often seen as a numbers game, so it figures that the more likes and followers you have on social media, the more likely you are to get them to buy from you, right?

Unfortunately, whilst the ‘numbers game’ plays is part, there’s a lot more to think about that just that.

Here’s 3 key ways that you get more success from your Social Media…

And that means BUILDING UP THE AMOUNT OF INTERACTION that is happening throughout your social media pages.

1. Do more Social Influencing: It builds relationships

  • Provide great information that is really useful to your ideal customer.
  • Invite them to take up your offers, e.g. free webinars, trials or guides.
  • Provide relevant news to them, with your slant on what it means.

Freqently doing this activity will help you to become an expert in your field in THEIR minds, which is key to them trusting you and buying from you.

2. Do more Social Networking Online: With the people that will accelerate your business

Do you know who the influencers are for your business? Perhaps they are journalists, industry experts or bodies, or indeed public figureheads (just like Sally in Coronation Street!).

Once you’ve identified them, like or follow them, share their stuff. Let them get to know you as they could be very powerful for your business.

3. Do more Listening on Social Media: Find out what really matters and use it to your advantage

  • Read through any comments on your social pages. What’s it telling you?
  • Check out your competitors. Is there anything there you need to know?
  • Join industry groups on social media. What’s happening? What’s changing?

You can use this information to do so many things, like enhance your product or service, write a great blog on your industry, or find out what your customers need from you.

Social Media should not be used primarily as a sales platform. If you can get these three core areas right, it will make the transition from social media strangers to customers so much easier.

So how well are you performing in Social Media?

Audience levels (i.e. the number of followes, fans, and likes) and engagement levels (how much they are getting involved with that you are doing) varies significantly depending on industry.

According to some recent research by Track Maven on B2B industries (businesses that sell to other businesses), these are the industries that are thriving on Social Media, especially within Facebook and LinkedIn:

  • Professional Services
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Financial Services
  • AeroSpace and Defence
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medial
  • Engineering
  • Motoring
  • Electronics

In summary:

  • Let this dispel the myths that platforms like Facebook do not work in a B2B environment. They do; and Facebook continue to develop the platform to make it even better for businesses.
  • Niche businesses (and boring businesses!) do just as well on Social Media as those that are selling really exciting stuff. Don’t let that be your reason not to be involved… you’re doing yourself an injustice.
  • There are a number of industries here that are hitting the sweet spot on social media; getting the balance of audience levels and engagement bang on. This can work if you embrace Social Media and ensure you are taking part in the Relationship Building activities outlined in 1,2 & 3.
  • By changing up your activity, being helpful to your prospective customers and keeping it fresh, you are avoiding the immediate sale. You are doing it without expectation, and that can be game-changing for Small Businesses.
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