How to make your small business successful

In this article, Victoria Vickery, our Founder and Managing Director, tells us how important it is to take action and get started, and the impact it can have on your small business success.

“Two years ago, my little family and our camping buddies went to the Big Bike Bash in the New Forest. It’s the UK’s only charity biking, music and beer festival. It was so brilliant, that we decided to go back.

However, it was cancelled in 2020 – but we did get to go this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

When we did attend that very first time: Two years ago, my twinnies (then age 7) could NOT even ride a bike.

This year: Not only can they ride a bike, but they took part in the races!

Having never entered for a bike race before, they were very excited, and there were two races for the age 9 to 10 category, and they entered one each (oh, the issues that would have come from being in the same race and competing again each other would be too much for anyone to bear!)

For both boys, when they started the race, they were doing quite well. But sadly, the lack of experience and ability in gear changing meant they quickly lost their pace – and many of the more experienced riders in the category, took over them.

And both of my twins came last in their respective races.

But guess what?
They took part. And they received a medal each for it.

Two years ago: They couldn’t even ride a bike.

This year: They entered a race, and finished it.

Next year: Their plan is to enter into the same race, and not come last.

This is the perfect example of how our abilities develop, and our achievements develop as a direct result of learning and implementing.

So what can we learn from this when it comes to business, and how we can support ourselves in making our small business successful.

The fact is, unless you start somewhere, you’ll never get anywhere.

So what is it that you are backing off from, and not starting that will have an impact on your small business success?

If you don’t take small steps forward (just like my boys did) then you’ll never reach your desired end result.

So if you’re holding yourself back right now in your marketing, then it’s time to stop procrastinating, stop feeling overwhelmed, and think about some bite-sized meaningful actions that you can take to move you forward.

There’s some great starting points for you here.

Remember, just get started.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be done.

oh, and if you’re wondering if I entered any races…. I did! It involved cycling around the track, drinking a pint of beer, and running to the finish line. I didn’t win.
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